• Woven Chair

      Reminiscing the coastal holidays and warm countrysides, introduce woven furniture made of rattan, willow, reed and bamboo into your living space for a bohemian accent. Originating from Ancient Egypt, the intricate technique makes it just as much an artwork as it is a decorative object to your interior. Revived by great Modernist designers such as Pierre Jeanneret in the 20th Century, it has established itself as a timeless icon.

Illum Wikkelso Ringstol ChairPaul Laszlo Lounge Chair

Joseph-André Motte, Tripod Chair, 1949 MCM House Safari Chair

Illum Wikkelsø Ringstol Chair, 1960 / Paul Laszlo Lounge Chair, 1950 / Joseph-André Motte Tripod Chair, 1949 / MCM House Safari Chair