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      Elise Pioch Balzac created Maison Balzac back in 2012. Originally a collection of olfactory objects that told a sensory story of her upbringing, she has since expanded into functional glassware that similarly take inspiration from her life and travels. We spoke with her about these experiences and how they inform her designs.

Maison Balzac Vase stools

Pomponette Vase LouLou Vase in Black and White

Jean Stripe Vase LouLou Vase

Jean Stripe Vase LouLou Vase in Azure

  • “I designed these vases because I always pick branches and blooms in the nature that surrounds me, wherever I am. Even on holidays! So, I need lots of vases in my life."

    “My personal old and new vases have inspired the three designs that now belong to our collection. I wanted each of them to hold a big bunch, and I also wanted them to be decorative even without flowers. Piece that can be displayed empty, next to other beloved one-off objects.”

    “Loulou is named after my daughter, it is playful. Pomponette is named after my grandmother's rose tree that gave tiny white buds all year round. And Jean is named after Jean Cocteau whose black and white movies I find so poetic, so beautiful, from another world.”

    “I hope people will display more branches, wooden spoons or bouquets than they have ever done before, tempted by one of our distinctive coloured vases. And transform their space into a romantic scenery!”