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    Vanuatu - Port Orly and Port Vila

    A destination to unwind and be at one with nature. First visit Port Vila, the Capital of Vanuatu for the Mele Cascades and to discover the rich culture of Vanuatu, then head to Port Olry Town on Espiritu Santo Island off Vanuatu for white sand beaches, lush green tropical surrounds and pure paradise.

    • STAY

      Port Olry Treehouse
      Port Olry Beach is secluded and private. Stay in a tree house bungalow that sits close to the shoreline. With no electricity and an outdoor shower, get in touch with nature. Enjoy the sound of waves lapping throughout the night and waking up to the most beautiful sunrise. Daily fresh tropical fruits are delivered straight to your door.

      Port Vila Mangoes Resort
      Owned by an Australian couple, Mangoes Resort is located at the top of a quiet hill. Relax by the infinity pool that overlooks palm trees and the blue lagoons or book a luxurious massage.

View of bungalow from the Shoreline

    • EAT

      Dine by the beach at Little Paradise restaurant, Port Orly, with daily lunch and dinner specials depending on the seasonal produce available, try the barbecued steak, coconut crab or freshly caught fish.

      At Port Vila go to L'Houstalet who takes it's culinary cue from French cuisine - try the coconut crab and pigeon. While there, view the artwork on show from local painter Mr. Aloi Pilioko.

      • SEE

        There are multiple blue lagoons dotted along the coastline of Port Olry, from remote and untouched to those that have bars and restaurants. Make sure to pack your own snorkel. Champagne Beach is also a must see along the way.

        Visit the local markets of Port Orly with small, vibrant markets stales offering the freshest of local produce.

Vanuatu Street MarketsVanuatu woven textures


Images shot by Yasmine Ganley