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    • Reset the mind, body and spirit with an escape to a wellness retreat. From coastal locales to mountain hideaways, breathe fresh air and delve into mindful practice to rejuvenate and re-balance.


      Co-founder Jacqui Lewis travels the world teaching integrated meditation through workshops and retreats. Each year The Broad Place hosts a retreat at The Atlantic Byron Bay where guests can spend 4 days immersing themselves in nature, conscious expansion, ancient knowledge and practices.

      Focusing on the three pillars of creativity, consciousness and clarity, scheduled activities include in-depth talks and workshops hosted by Jacqui, sunrise beach swims, massage, Vedic meditation and rounding sessions, body, breath and yoga classes and nourishing meals prepared with care by plant-based cook, Cade McConnell.

  • My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats the Broad Place

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 My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Como Uma Canggu

Pool deck at Como Uma Cunggu

  •  My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats the Atlantic Byron Bay

    Outdoor space at The Broad Place Retreat


      At the heart of Canggu, seven miles north of Seminyak, lies sustainable luxury resort Como Uma Canggu. Opened in February 2018, its unmistakable architecture is a celebration of modern Asian design with hints of Italian influence.

      The Shambhala Retreat within marries science and ancient Eastern wisdom with hands-on healing and holistic treatments. A full range of spa services are available including massage and facials using signature essential oils. Daily activities such as yoga, Pilates, surfing lessons, hiking and horseback riding cater to every guest’s desired routine.

      Embrace the island culture with relaxed meals and exotic cocktails at the Beach Club restaurant, set to the sounds of live acoustic music.


      Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda spa resort is an idyllic location to refresh the senses and reawaken the spirit. From its position on the Palace Estate of a Maharaja, guests can enjoy views of the town below, the Ganges river valley and surrounding Sal forests.

      Founders Ashok and Neelam Khanna introduced their adaptation of Ayurvedic food (food for your body type), coupled with authentic wellness traditions from across Asia and beyond to ensure every Ananda guest can follow their path to holistic wellbeing.

      Practice traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta (the Ananda philosophy of life) while nourishing the body with organic cuisine and renewing your energy against the most scenic backdrop.

  •  My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Ananda, India

    Spa treatment room at Ananda

 My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Ananda

Meditation space at Ananda

  •  My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Amanemu

    Treatment room at Amanemu


      In a region historically known for pilgrimage and purification, Amanemu provides a sanctuary for wellness and rediscovering your Zen. The natural hot springs allow guests to immerse themselves in the centuries-old tradition of Onsen bathing - the mineral-rich water possesses curative properties.

      Three wellness programs cater to guests’ specific needs - ‘Rejuvenation, Cleansing & Transformation’, ‘Mindfulness, Relaxation & Stress Control’ and ‘Health, Beauty & Anti-ageing’.

      Skirted by sacred forests and world heritage pilgrim trails, Amanemu will rejuvenate and heal, as well as offering an enriching cultural experience.


      Embark on a week-long journey to inner peace hosted by Abby Paloma and Sara Auster at Peacock Pavilions, Marrakech. Revitalise and re-centre with yoga, soundbathing, cooking and mindfulness practice while embracing the colour and culture of Morocco.

      The grounds, nestled within an olive grove, boast swimming pools, tranquil gardens and traditional architecture to get lost in. During the week, guests can also explore the Medina, Atlas Mountains, an organic farm, and soak in Turkish baths.

      A range of retreats are available at Peacock Pavilions throughout the year.

 My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Amanemu Japan

Suite at Amanemu

  •  My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Peacock Pavilions

    Outdoor area at Peacock Pavilions


      Lose yourself in the untouched serenity of Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula, Hazards Mountain range and Great Oyster Bay. Saffire Freycinet’s contemporary architecture overlooks these natural wonders while catering to guests’ health and wellness goals.

      Individual yoga classes can be arranged in the comfort of your suite, and a premium gym is available for higher intensity training. Walk or run to discover the region’s secluded beaches and bushland terrain and clear the mind.

      Meditation classes, revitalising teas and individually-catered menus are all on hand to refresh the body, as well as a luxurious day spa with personalised treatments and packages.

 My Chameleon / Traveller. Wellness Retreats Saffire Freycinet

Foyer at Saffire Freycinet

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