• Ayu Director Alanna Quin in India

    Ayu Director Alanna Quin in India

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    • With a cultural history reaching back 5 millennia and a vast, diverse landscape, India is a country that appeals in ways that are incomparable to any other parts of the world. With each city mastering skills and specialities, there is no shortage of inspiration and discovery. Director of Ayu perfumes Alanna Quin shares with us highlights of her recent trip.

    • STAY

      Hotel Vivaana

      In the Shekhawati region of Rhasjasthan is the majestic and beautiful Hotel Vivaana – a completely restored 19th Century haveli turned heritage hotel. Featuring intricately decorated rooms furnished with antiques, cultural events such as concerts are held daily for the guests to enjoy.

      The Oberoi Vanyavilas

      Surrounded in lush greenery, 20 acres Oberoi Vanyavilas is the perfect stay for jungle exploration. Located near Ranthambhore National Park and Tiger Reserve, you are able to enjoy a private safari and guided tour of the extensive land that surrounds the hotel.

      Glenburn Tea Estate

      Epitomizing the beauty of the Himalayas, the retreat lies on top of a picturesque mountain range above the banks of the River Rungeet. Immerse yourself in a true tea experience, learning the manufacturing and tasting process by The Prakash family, whom share an over a century worth of tea knowledge.

  • Courtyard at Vivaana

    Courtyard at Vivaana

  • Chai Street Vendor

    Chai in clay cups from a street vendor

    • EAT

      — Chai

      A must try while in India, the best kind are from the street vendors where it’s spicier and hot, served out of small clay cups. A great way to chat with the locals, drink this all day and learn a little more about them.

      — Lucknow

      For something different to the usual Indian itineraries, Lucknow is filled with beautiful architecture that takes cue from the British-Raj era and incredible food like no other place in India. If food excites you, coming here for that very reason is worth the stop. Known as Awadhi cuisine - think exotic spices and herbs, cashew curries and dishes that are greatly influenced by the Mughals.

      — Azam’s Mughlai, Khan Market, New Delhi

      Serving galauti and kakori kebabs, this humble stall gains visitors from all over the world. With a friendly staff and a menu that also includes Chicken Tikkas or Vegetarian options, Azam's allows you to experience true authentic Indian street food on a budget.

The Imperial Spa and Bara Imambara

Left: Spa interior at The Imperial
Right: Bara Imambara up close

    • VISIT

      — Bara Imambara, Lucknow

      A prolific mosque and one of the grandest architectures in Lucknow, admire the unique architectural highlights such as the intricate framing designs of the doorways and the largest arched hall in the world that stand without the support of pillars or beams.

      The Imperial Spa, New Delhi

      A no secret to those who have already searched for the most rejuvenating spa experience, The Imperial is an elegant option for an experience of traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Set in a beautiful backdrop of white marble and intricate traditional detailing, it’s the perfect spot to rewind.

      — Kannauj, India

      Know as the perfume capital of India, Kannaui is steeped in tradition and known as one of the last places to still incorporate traditional methods of producing perfume through steam distillation. Time spent here will make you feel as though you’re stepping back in time – an authentic experience that will carry on throughout your travels.

  • Perfume distillation

    Steam distillation process of perfume making in Kannauj

  • India Packing List


      Be practical in your dressing by turning to soft, lightweight cotton pieces to keep cool that also covers up to respect traditions. Pair with an easy slip on sandal and keep your belongings in a hobo bag for all the essentials traveling from city to city. To minimise your daily make up routine, add colour to your complexion with a multi-stick. Be inspired by the centuries old ornaments and add your own statement with a pair of earrings.

      Left: Toteme Shirt, Ellery Earrings, Layn Multi-Stick, Albus Lumen Pants, NewbarK Sandals and Mansur Gavriel Hobo

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