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    • Inside Remota Hotel in Patagonia

Remota Hotel, Patagonia

An awe-inspiring structure that fuses ancient tradition with resolute modernity, the Remota Hotel is at once raw, vibrant, poetic and sleek, working symbiotically with the mighty elements of the Patagonian environment within which it stands. Respecting the heritage of it’s native surrounds, its very materiality in wood, metal and stone, draws inspiration from the every day life of neighbouring sheep farms and barns. Though, the private rooms are where it’s charm resonates most, with cosy, light-filled spaces ornamented by textiles and handcrafts hand-loomed by local artisans. Enormous panels of glass form the majority of the hotel, drawing the outside in with every glance. Inside, raw, rugged slabs of native timber act as punctuations, complimented by energising pops of cadmium yellow and deep ochre.

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