• Casa Bonay Hotel Entrance

    Casa Bonay Hotel Entrance

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    Casa Bonay, Barcelona

    • Hotel Casa Bonay in Barcelona is a combination of history and culture. A short walk from the city centre - Plaça de Catalunya, the neoclassical architecture sits in the old city and serves as a multi-purpose venue attracting both locals and visitors. Hosting two restaurants, cafe, bar, bookstore and art gallery, it is a small vibrant community of its own open for exploration.

    • Stylist and founding designer of jewelry brand MPNT, Megha Kapoor guides us through the details of the 19th Century establishment.

Casa Bonay x Club Pati de Vela Barcelona Sailing Club

Club Pati de Vela Barcelona Sailing Club

    • Lovers of good wine, food, gothicism, the salty heat, modern art, Gaudi, music in the street or just seekers of ‘la buena vida’ will most likely make more than one pilgrimage to the Spanish city of Barcelona. A notion most seasoned travellers will back vigorously is that a trip can disappoint or gratify based on where one stays.

      Casa Bonay, is situated in the Dreta de L’Exiample, an ideal locale to get the perfect mix of locals and the attractions of the old city which is just a 10 minute walk away. The boutique hotel of 67 rooms is housed in a Spanish neo-classical building that was built in 1867. The recent renovation by Casa Bonay owners, Ines Miro-Sans and Luis Rullan took over two years and the result has been a beautiful and functional mix of modernity and classicism - from the earthy and textural bedspreads from local designer Teixidors, to a sleek and design focused use of space in rooms and of course the hotels respect for the buildings original character.

      At the core of the hotels charm is Libertine, the lobby come bar, that is popular destination not just for guests, but other travellers and locals alike. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than not having to venture any further that downstairs to experience all the best things a city has to offer - if you count those things as including a wonderful selection of natural wines, exquisite modern tapas, and artfully furnished surroundings. One could quite happily spend an afternoon sipping on chilled wine with a book from the Casa Bonay bookstore on the hotels rooftop overlooking the city and then mosey on the down to Libertine and settle in for the evening.

      If you're a coffee connoisseur, then Satan’s Coffee Corner which is conveniently housed within the hotel will not disappoint - the cafe boasting arguably the best coffee in Barcelona.

      In the spirit of the collaborative and local spirit, Casa Bonay also has partnered with Club Pati de Vela Barcelona Sailing Club. Guests can enjoy summer like a local taking out a kayak, paddleboard or Patin Catalan sailing boat, and then relax and dine seafront at the clubs new restaurant.

      Yo amo Barcelona.

  • Casa Bonay x Club Pati de Vela Barcelona Sailing Club

    Club Pati de Vela Barcelona Sailing Club

    "a beautiful and functional mix of modernity and classicism"

Hotel room

Hotel Room at Casa Bonay

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