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    Tessa James

    • Tessa James is the intelligent and discerning woman behind James Wellness, a portal for discussion and information on holistic practises sharing natural remedies and philosophies on food and lifestyle. This is an extension of the first James Wellness product Tonic One, a Probiotic and Marine Collagen liquid supplement created to promote hydration, supple skin and gut-health. We sat down with Tessa to talk about her daily rituals and her philosophies on health, beauty and style.

    • > What philosophy do you live by?

        My wellbeing is my primary focus because if that is working at an optimum then everything else is a lot easier to manage. I always check in with myself and am constantly reassessing. I don’t know if there is such a thing as balance, but I truly believe that everything is meant to happen for a reason, I feel as humans we resist that a lot of the time and I have slowly learnt to go with it. Trust in your ability and process is my belief. 

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  •  MC Woman. Kara Town

    • > How did James Wellness come about? 

        JW came from my passion for health and wellness, looking after our bodies from the inside out and also reflecting on my personal experiences and finding a way to make a change with them. 

      > What are the benefits of Tonic One and how do you use it ?

        The main benefit of Tonic One is its a bio-fermented product which contains the unique MultiplyPlus® process which involves 5 stages of bio-fermentation using multi-strain, gut-loving probiotics, resulting in a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex to support healthy microflora, vibrant health and wellbeing. We have included the addition of coconut which assist with hydration from within and also sustainably sourced marine collagen which assists with supple skin. I enjoy taking Tonic One with water early in the morning and also before bed. I also add it to my morning smoothie, or replace a sweetener in a raw dessert for example - maple syrup with Tonic One. 

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    • > You recently launched the James Wellness Centre, what is the primary purpose?

        JWC has been built to create a creative content platform that shares information on Holistic Wellness, giving a broad sense of wellness. JWC is a portal of information about our products, philosophy, interests and passions. 

      > Your wellness routines for focus, clarity & anti-stress ? 

        When I have time I love to go for an infrared sauna. I am working on having more time for resetting, however I truly use exercise as a mediation and time for myself to think. Also there is nothing better than a swim in the ocean. 

      > What foods and supplements do you take regularly? 

        My diet is very clean which I really feel the benefits of this, I feel strong and clear in the mind. Some of my regular foods are Spinach, Broccoli, Spinach, Mung bean or chickpea pasta , Chia seeds, Turmeric and Sauerkraut. For inner health, Tonic one, a greens powder, udos oil, apple cider vinegar and the occasional bone broth are important for me. For sweetness I love Vegan chocolate or icecram. 

  •  MC Woman. Kara Town

  •  MC Woman. Kara Town

      • > What are your daily rituals in beauty and wellbeing ?

          Exercising before my son wakes up is what I love most. Dry body brushing and skin care are a huge part of my daily routine. Makeup is kept very simple, clean and quick - Concealer, eyelash curler, eyebrow gel and lip stain.  

        > What is your style of dressing? 

          Currently a lot of sweats and sneakers which make it much easier for me to dress for the day especially running around after my son. Aside from that I keep it really simple with classic cuts like tailored pants, blazers, coats, t-shirts, shirts, cashmere sweaters, gold jewellry, great bags and shoes. All pieces are within a neutral palette, lots of black, tan, cream, navy, khaki and white. 

        > What are your favourite brands?

          Toteme, Albus Lumen, Le17 september, Rika Studios, pangaia, Bassike, Uniqlo, COS, JW anderson, Loewe and The Row.

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