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    • With Astrologer Srna Vuckovic, we explore the positioning of the planets and how this aligns with our feelings and thoughts during this challenging time. Vuckovic tells us about her approach to getting through and her own simple rituals to bring about calm and joy.

My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic

2020 was always going to be an electrifying, jaw-dropping year - but I don't think anyone really expected this. That's the thing with Astrology, we aren't psychic yet a lot of people have been asking why this wasn't predicted. Astrology is a learned art that pinpoints when planets will collide and either make magic or chaos. There's auspicious alignments scattered through 2020, such as the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that happens 3 times this year, and changes our narrative to coincide better with where we're truly at. Also, the Eclipses change from the Cancer-Capricorn axis that dealt with home versus work life, to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that will stick around until December 2021. The major Saturn -Pluto conjunction that happened early January and brought about some serious changes. So no wonder we're feeling some type of way. Then there are the little day to day aspects that pop up like today for example, we have Venus in a dynamic aspect to Pluto, meaning we take our relationships, social life, pastimes, and possessions a little more seriously, possibly also fearing their loss or loss of power/control. We're in a time of expansion, restructuring and elevation. What happens this year will be special, and unlike anything we have seen before - on the other side of this portal, we will be in awe with what we witnessed.

My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic

This quote, I read recently, really resonated with me and is a perfect way to approach this time - Joanna Macy says 'The intelligence of the whole emerges through the actions and interactions of its parts.' It cements the idea that community and collective is the big picture right now, we need to unite so we don't untie everything that we've worked hard to gain. We are most definitely in consuming, 'changing at every twist and turn' phase of life - my approach to getting through this is really nailing our own dharma. All this time to stay indoors and reconnect with our heart and soul has people questioning their own mortality. Did I get it right? Is this the life I want to live? Is it too late to change course? - Listen to the whispers inside and do something about them. Life is profound in this moment and we are being blessed, even if it may not feel like that. Seek out what you want, search, dig, be curious. Be kind and compassionate, help out where you can. All these things people intrinsically know but can often get lazy with.

My Chameleon Fashion Week Christopher Esber My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic My Chameleon Insider. Srna Vuckovic

My personal focus during this time is my morning routine. It usually involves waking up around 5.30am and going straight to the beach. My boyfriend and I either run or swim, followed by a coffee in hand to watch the sunrise. It's been my absolute delight - I feel so much gratitude to be able to do that. I also take a tincture with elderberry, apple cider and some other good stuff made by a local woman Bianca Cashion. If i remember i'll take my vitamins, they are nettle leaf, kelp, zinc and ashwagandha. Then, I'll do about 3-4 hours of writing and/or pottery. I love a good skin care routine too and recently went into Rationale. I'm in bed watching a movie by 7 pm most nights and I feel like a granny but also secretly love it. I have found in this slow time just to go at my own pace and do whatever makes me feel good, these are my main priorities right now.

Words by Srna Vuckovic. Instagram @srnaverse

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