• Sala Beckett

    Sala Beckett, Barcelona by Flores & Prats

    • Skylight

      Expand your indoors through the illusion of the unbarricaded surface. Drawing a glitter of noninvasive warmth, the skylights come in infinite shapes and sizes, elevating any architecture. Note the dramatic opening at Sala Beckett that adds to the quirky charm of the old theatre, or the arch in the Italian home that brings an extra natural element to the stone building. If your style is to be noticed, feel inspired by the long skylight that contrasts its cool interior with the desert sun at Barrio Historico house.

PalombaSerafini Architects' House Barrio Historico House

PalombaSerafini architects' house in Lecce, Italy Barrio Historico House by HK Associates Inc. in Tucson, US