• Lloyd's Inn Reading Room

    Reading Room at Lloyd's Inn

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    Singapore, Singapore

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      Lloyd’s Inn

      Easily a minimalist’s haven, Lloyd’s is more of an escape than just an accommodation. All eight rooms are designed to capture the interaction between nature and space differently, creating a unique environment each stay. Surrounded by glass walls, wooden detail and natural sunlight, it’s free from busy ornaments and symbols, purely exploring the relationship between the space, urban city, nature and traveller.

      Naumi Hotel

      If you’re looking for a place that excites you, book a night at Naumi for a sensory experience. Complete with it’s own infinite pool, the boutique hotel is decorated in commissioned artworks by local and international artists, and design pieces from the likes of B&B Italia, Poltrona Frau, Zanotta, Tom Dixon and Artemide. Spread with warm light, patterns and colours throughout, Naumi will make you feel like you’re on a Hollywood film set.

      Hotel G

      Dim light with hints of reds and greens, think mid-century modern mixed with New York City loft when staying at Hotel G. Conveniently located near Orchard Road, it’s vibrant with energy whether it be from the two restaurants and bar at the hotel or from the streets of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Ginett at Hotel G

Ginett Wine Bar & Restaurant at Hotel G

    • EAT

      PS. Cafe, Harding Road.

      Spread through the corners of the city, the PS.Cafe franchise is unlike your typical restaurant venture. Each cafe is specific to its location with the menu, ambience and crowd differing from one to the other. Of all the locations however, PS.Cafe on Harding Road is a local favourite, as you're able to relax behind leafy trees and hide away from the city commotion.

      Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Maxwell Food Centre.

      Out of countless cuisines and foods to try, a definite must is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Unofficial mascot of Singaporean cuisine, the chicken rice at Tian Tian’s is a perfect balance of aroma and texture. Located in Maxwell Food Centre, it is only walking distance from the historical Chinatown where you’ll be met with bustling market streets and Buddhist temples.

      Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Various Locations.

      Another staple in Singaporean cuisine is Bak Kut Teh - a pork rib dish cooked in hot herbal broth. Presented in a clay pot, it’s best consumed with a simple side of rice or deep fried stripes of dough called Yu Char Kueh. Though this dish is easily found all around Singapore, head to Song Fa for a authentic heritage experience with a recipe that has unchanged since 1969.

  • Song Fa

    Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Clark Quay

  • Baba House Entrance

    Baba House Entrance

    • SEE

      National Gallery of Singapore

      Learn about Southeast Asian culture at the National Gallery of Singapore, which holds the largest collection of Southeast Asian artworks in the world. Restored and reopened 2015, the architecture alone is worth visiting as it is combined building of two national monuments - the former Supreme Court and City Hall. It also sits across the water opposite to Marina Bay Sands, giving you 360 degrees view of the city from the other side.

      Baba House

      If you are curious of the multi-racial history of Singapore, visit the Baba house for a free guided tour of an early Singaporean Peranakan house. Referring to the first Chinese immigrants of the Malay Archipelago throughout 15th to 17th Century, the house remains in perfect condition since the last occupying Peranakan family and its unique interior is a colourful, intricate feast for the eyes.

      Gillman Barracks

      A visual community and an artists’ hub, Gillman Barracks is a “contemporary art cluster” dedicated to creative pursuits. Nestled among wild greenery, it’s home to numerous independent international galleries such as Mizuma Art Gallery, Partners & Mucciaccia, ShangART Gallery and Australia’s Sullivan + Strumpf as well as regular film screenings, art and music festivals events.

    • VISIT

      — Bugis Street Market, Bugis

      Once you're done shopping at the luxurious Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands, make your way to Bugis Street Market for an alternative shopping experience. Being one of the biggest markets, it's filled with culturally inspired handmade pieces at a rare bargain. If you manage to get through all the stalls, walk across to Haji Lane where you'll find ethnic cafes, jazz bars and local designer boutiques.

      Bike Riding, Pulau Ubin

      Give yourself a break from the city scape and take a short ferry ride to Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore’s neighbouring islands. A neat size that's perfect for a day trip when you want a quick change of scenery. Come here with a friend or partner, pack food for a picnic and make the most of the day by biking around the island.

      Singapore Sling, Raffles Hotel

      Retrieve to the colonial perfection of Raffles Hotel and to their Long Bar to order the original Singapore Sling. It was here that the first ever Singapore Sling was created in 1915 and since, visitors from all over the world have been able to enjoy the original recipe surrounded by pure luxuriousness.

  • Pulau Ubin

    Pulau Ubin