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    Boon the Shop exterior

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    Seoul, South Korea

    • Built on a mountainous landscape, spread across the Han River, Seoul is a distinct structure of natural sites against skyscrapers. The city, which now has a global reputation for new technology, architecture and fashion, is alive 24 hours 7 days a week with an endless flow of energy that is enigmatic just as its impressive.

    • STAY

      — Geumsunsa

      Experience the daily life of Buddhist monks by staying at one of the many temples. Following a strict monastic diet with a daily programme consisting of meditation, walking in the woods, chanting to name a few - you will live and eat like a monk, learning to refocus your energy and reconnect with nature. Book a stay at Geumsunsa, which is situated in Mt. Bukhansan near Gyeongbokgung Palace. 

      — Hotel Loft

      For a city that is saturated with international luxury hotels, turn to Hotel Loft for a boutique experience that is inexpensive yet provides equally luxurious services. The interiors of the rooms are warmly lit with a large space of youthful and modern decor that includes a free standing bathtub and outdoor spaces.

      — Rakkojae

      Located in Bukchon Hanok Village, Rakkojae is a traditional Korean house built with tiled roofs, wooden panels, windows and doors made of Korean traditional paper. The guesthouse provides a complete cultural experience serving traditional Korean food and activities such as folk music and folk dancing.

  •  MC Traveller - Seoul / Rakkojae

    Outside at Rakkojae

 MC Traveller - Seoul / Anthracite Coffee Roasters

Anthracite Coffee Roasters, Hannam-dong

  •  MC Traveller - Seoul / Dish at Jungsik

    Dolhareubang dessert at Jungsik

    • EAT

      — Anthracite Coffee Roasters, Hannam

      Originally a shoe factory, the interior maintains its industrial roots balanced with large indoor shrub and greenery. Set in a open space, the customers are welcomed with an aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans that are freshly imported from exotic locations. The cafe specialises in pour over filter coffee that experiments with various blends of coffee beans that create a unique flavour, made special to the venue.

      — Mr. Ahn’s Makgeolli, Itaewon

      Taste the variety of Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and other traditional liquor at Mr. Ahn's located on the popular Gyeonglidan Street. Though Makgeolli has existed for many years, Mr. Ahn's modernises the beverage along with its drinking culture, creating a dynamic menu of reinvented traditional bar foods to accompany it.

      — Jungsik, Cheongdam

      Treat yourself to a modern Korean cuisine at this Michelin star restaurant. Owned by chef Jungshik Yim, he and the restaurant has gained international recognition for innovation in Korean cuisine through its unique interpretation of Korean food elements mixed with its history and culture. Take a look at the Dolhareubang dessert - a sponge cake representing the stone statues mainly found in Jeju Island that symbolises protection and fertility. 

    • VISIT

      — Boon the Shop/10 Corso Como

      These side by side boutiques are a must visit, not only their eclectic selection of international designers but also for their shop displays. With high ceilings, splashes of colour and lighting, you feel as though you're walking through an art exhibition making it a memorable experience. Afterwards, head to the cafe to relax by the stylish modern interior decorated in books and modern objects.

      — Dongdaemun Design Plaza

      Admire the futuristic intricacy of DDP designed by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid. Now a landmark in Seoul, locals and foreigners visit frequently for a source of inspiration. Taking in the energy of the Dongdaemun area, DDP was designed to "flow without boundaries," which is reflected through the curved structures and interwoven paths.

      — Dragon Hill Spa

      An essential part of Korean culture, your trip is incomplete until you have visited one of many 24 hour spas sprawled across the city. The largest and most famous of them all is Dragon Hill Spa, which boasts numerous facilities such as traditional hard charcoal sauna, scented baths, outdoor bath, salt room, ice room, pool and gym.

  •  MC Traveller - Seoul / Dongdaemoon Design Plaza

    Dongdaemoon Design Plaza by Zaha Hadid

  • Seoul Packing List


      The key to dressing in Seoul is to approach with a sense of practicality. As you’re bound to jump from district to district, opt for an uncomplicated look that is sophisticated, achieved with classic pieces like Marques'Almeida Dress and black Illesteva Sunglasses. Compliment your outfit with an effortless pair of HOPE’s Heeled Boots and a spacious bag like the Jerome Dreyfuss Duffle Bag to fit all your travel essentials as well as the cute souvenirs you pick up from the street stalls. Roll on Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil lightly on your skin to freshen up throughout the day and finally, blend in with the locals by embracing the café culture and unwinding with a cup of coffee and Jane Magazine.