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    • In a society that demands constant attention, we’re easily lost in the routine of others. We speak to MC Woman Lauren Trend about the art of self practice and how we can embrace a mindful lifestyle.

    • - What is self practice? How do we begin?

      Self practice is the constant checking in and revision of our ever evolving needs. As individuals we need to get quiet and lean into what we are respectively requiring and asking for. We can look to others for recommendations and advice, but ultimately our power lies in trusting our intuition and own internal guidance system. Our unique self practices and rituals should start to take shape around this. 

      - Is ‘self practice’ equal to ‘self care’?

      I think the wonderful thing about the term 'self practice' is that it holds a different meaning for all. I often define 'self practices' as acts of self care. Acts that consider and are conductive to our wellbeing; physical, emotional, intellectual and creative. 

  • My Chameleon | Notes. Insider / Self-Practice | MYCHAMELEON.COM.AU

    Crystal; Blue Tiger's Eye, Body; Dry Brushing, Morning Ritual; Burning Palo Santo

    • - What can we expect from creating our self practices?

      My own self practices keep me simultaneously grounded and creatively charged. Depending on the day, my moods, the moon; my self-practices shift. It's a constant check-in, to ensure I’m giving both my person and my practice that it needs to feel good in that instance. 

      - What daily rituals do you live by that we could adopt?

      I think the best advice I can give is that my daily rituals might look, be and feel an entire contrast to the next person's. However, generally speaking - simple things like dry body brushing, adopting a daily movement and mindfulness practice and actively creating whether it be in the studio or taking on creative projects. 

    • - How important are the practices of the mind vs physical?

      I believe that music, art and design are an intrinsic part of our wellness rituals and physically realised acts of self care. It may be the romantic in me, but I find it hard to not see beauty, or at least and opportunity to conceptually and creatively expand, within in everything. A documented skincare routine also sits up there with it.

      - How do we create a balance of self practices?

      Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go of all the rules. What has worked for us today, last week or last year may look entirely contrasting to our needs of tomorrow.

      - Self practice in 3 words?

      Creativity, connectivity, community.

  • My Chameleon | Notes. Insider / Self-Practice | MYCHAMELEON.COM.AU

    Design; Jean Royere, Art; Jack in the Box by Isamu Noguchi (1984) and photography by Larissa Hofmann, Movement; The Work of Martha Graham