• Philippa Moroney

    “Growing a baby really forces you to look at your diet and exercise patterns to make sure you’re giving your body and your baby the best.”

  • A Dialogue

    Pip Moroney

    With a penchant for chic style, it’s no wonder Pip Moroney is both Fashion Editor and Market director at Vogue Australia, and in a few months she will be a new mum.

    • — You are about to have your first baby – how are you feeling?

      I am feeling great, I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had a really good pregnancy so far. I also think that my work life is so busy I don’t really have time to feel anything less than great!

    • — How do you balance full time work?

      Learning to take it a bit easier. I keep forgetting that I’m pregnant, so I’m all go-go-go! Now I’m 7 months pregnant I am not able to go at my usual pace anymore which feels very strange.

    • — What has surprised you most about this journey?

      How excited people are for me, it’s lovely. People love a baby!

    • — Has your style changed at all since you fell pregnant?

      I’ve found a couple of good silhouettes similar to my non-pregnancy style in a stretch fabric and they are on very high rotation right now.

    • — What are your current wardrobe favourites?

      FLATS! I live in them. I have the gold The Row Slippers which are like walking on gold clouds. I also just picked up a pair of Prada suede slides and some Chanel sling backs with a kitten heel which are perfect for comfort and still feeling polished.

    • — Your Beauty Routine

      Since falling pregnant I use more natural products, which aren’t laden with chemicals. I am using a lot of natural Sukin products, especially on the body, and Aveda shampoo and conditioner has also been great for my hair. 

    • — Your approach to health and wellbeing

      Growing a baby really forces you to look at your diet and exercise patterns to make sure you’re giving your body and your baby the best. I try to do low impact exercise like walking to keep me fit and try… TRY to eat a balanced diet.

    • — Your tips for new mums

      I would say, that if you feel like having something, then have it. I had some pretty funny cravings for sweets (and I will be a savoury girl forever) and always satisfied them. Smoothies, ice cream, cake, chocolate… I had it all! I felt it was the one time in my life I could do It… Oh and I also made sure I hit the pavement too.

    • — What does relaxation mean to you

      I sit and do absolutely nothing! Or I’ll go for reflexology, it’s amazing when you’re pregnant, half an hour of that and you feel like you have new feet.

    • — Tell us about your own Mum…

      She’s pretty amazing, my mum. She’s independent, funny and caring. She is currently walking the Camino in Spain for the second time, which is no mean feat, walking almost 20km a day over two months; not my idea of a holiday but she’s weird like that.

    • — How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

      It’s the first day of MBFWA so I’ll be at the Dion Lee show!