• MC Women. Harriet Were

    Jacquemus Dress and Baserange Socks worn throughout

  • MC Woman

    Harriet Were

    • Photographer + Founder / Designer at Harry Were. Photographed at her home in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand. @harrywere

    • - What do you do?

      I'm a freelance photographer but I can't live off just doing that, so I also have a small business where I work with women around NZ making things by hand and selling them. I design everything and collaborate with a bunch of makers — mainly handknitted jumpers using NZ wool, sometimes handspun. The relationships I have with the women are really important to me. I've been working with a local weaver who is making me some handtowels and bathmats. I did make some dresses, too, and was making earrings, but I've just worked out that the cost price is actually almost the retail price. Up until recently, I also worked a couple of days in a retail space. It's a little scary that I don't now. Not sure how I'm going to pay rent this week, but it always works out.

      - Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

      I grew up in Auckland. When I was 13, two days before college, my parents moved to rural Blenheim at the top of the South Island. After school, my twin and I moved back to Auckland. I am now back here after a couple of years off-and-on overseas.

    • - How would you describe your style?

      I don't think I have one! I do like wearing well made things. I wear things until they fall apart, and repair them even then. I've recently sold a bit of my collection of clothes - to pay for my rent. But also it's good to give the pieces a new and different life.

      - What is your approach to dressing?

      It changes with my day, moods or hormones, I think. At the moment, I'm working on my insides, fitness and feelings. The clothes (the few I have left) just follow on from there.

      - Daily essentials?

      I don't really have daily. Sometimes I just wear my togs n towel all day. Maybe just my trusty Ann Demeulemeester bag. Always great unbranded bags. And my Karl Fritsch ring I haven't taken off since Karl made it for me with stones that are special to me.

      - What are you currently reading / watching / listening to?

      I am reading The World of Coloured Sheep. I was just listening to hip hop — some of my friends, and my twin, aren't so into it.

    • - Where was your most recent travel destination, and where would you like visit this year?

      Sydney, for work. I am here now, too. Australia is great. It’s so different to New Zealand, even though some people think it's so similar. I hope to go back to Japan. But also Europe, USA and Sri Lanka. Stewart Island would be great to see. Dreams are free, aye?

      - Most treasured item?

      My dads old Omega Seamaster Automatic watch he got for his 21st birthday. I saved up and had it restored when I was 21-years-old, living in London. It's 47-years-old now.

      - Most treasured moment?

      Every moment I get with my identical twin sister.

  • MC Woman. Harriet Were

Harriet Were shot on film by Yasmine Ganley