• MC Woman. Claudia Smith

    Claudia wears Christopher Esber Darted Waist Jersey Tee and Matin Linen Pleat Pant

  • MC Woman

    Claudia Smith

    • Quietly making her mark on the fashion industry and beyond, photographer Claudia Smith is making a case for film. In a content-consuming digital age, her raw aesthetic evokes feelings of nostalgia. The women who appear in front of her lens are complex and unfiltered, including herself.

      My Chameleon meets with Claudia to discuss her journey, style and connection with nature.

    • - Where were you born and raised?

      I grew up 30 minutes inland from Byron Bay. I think this really taught me how to be still. Not everything has to be a rush, and you don’t have to be busy all of the time. It also made me greatly appreciate the land around us. The natural environment is so important to me, mentally, and also for my work.

      - When did you realise you wanted to take photographs?

      I have always been drawn to the creative side of things.  I was around 16 when I discovered cameras and have been obsessed since.

      - What inspires you creatively?

      The people I get to work with and the people I choose to surround myself with are one of my biggest inspirations. Nature is also a constant, ever-evolving and calming inspiration.

  •  MC Woman. Claudia Smith

    Claudia wears Matteau Button Front Cotton Shirt Dress and Sophie Buhai Small Circle Link Anklet

    • - Your work often celebrates the female form. What does this mean to you?

      The lines and shapes of the female form are something I appreciate and don’t see myself ever getting sick of working with. Something I find so special to observe is for a woman to be completely herself.

      - What has been your experience as a woman in the industry?

      I’ve had both negative and positive experiences. However, I find it consistently inspiring to be working with so many amazing women within this industry.

      - What does your daily wardrobe look like?

      Relaxed, functional pieces. You will mostly find me in jeans or suit pants and a t-shirt. Pieces that feel real.

MC Woman. Claudia Smith

Left: Matteau Square Bikini Crop Top and Matin Linen Pleat Pant
Right: Christopher Esber Darted Waist Jersey Tee and Matin Linen Pleat Pant

      • - What’s your favourite way to unwind?

        Swimming in the ocean.

      • - Where is your favourite place to travel?

        Places both new and familiar. Travel of all kinds is warming and good for my soul.

        - What can you not live without?


        - Do you have any daily rituals?

        Drinking lots of water.

        - What are you currently reading, watching and listening to?

        Reading: Barbarian Days by William Finnegan and Hold Still by Sally Mann
        Watching: Guy Bourdin art films
        Listening: Sade

        - What can we expect to see from you next?

        Hopefully more work in print.

  •  MC Woman. Claudia Smith

    Christopher Esber Darted Waist Jersey Tee and Matin Linen Pleat Pant

Photography: Claudia Smith