• Lena and her child

    “My time to relax is in the mornings when Carlo is up with the kids in the kitchen making breakfast… it’s bliss. ”

  • A Dialogue

    Lena Catterick

    Owner and creator of Yoli & Otis, a beautiful children's brand with the ethos of nature based in Bali and Bryon Bay.

    • —What do you love most about being a mother?

      Feeling empowered by such a strong sense of responsibility. I love that they’re all mine, to care for and protect on every level, everyday.

    • — Being a working mum - What has been the biggest challenge so far for you?

      Motherhood will always be a balancing act but now with the business to nurture, at times it can feel quite overwhelming. The biggest challenge would be my inability to finish anything. a conversation, a task, a thought. If I start something, chances are it won’t be completed within that set time frame, but I’ve come to terms with this... mostly.

    • — What has been the most surprising about motherhood?

      The different ways in which I now look at the world, people and myself.

    • — Has your style changed?

      In some ways yes, I don’t wear midriffs and no longer follow trends but I always wore light linens, very little black and always flat shoes.

    • — What are your go to pieces in your wardrobe?

      My Yoli and Otis Linen kimono and vintage Levi jeans.

    • — On the weekend – what is the first thing you do together as a family?

      Leave the house to grab Coffee and head to the beach… most days!

    • — What is your favourite holiday destination with your family?

      Bali, where we spend half the year… The smiles, the food and the warmth!

    • — What is your beauty routine?

      I try to only wear make up 2 or 3 times a week, so mostly I’ll just cleanse and moisturise with ASPECTS they have a line of skin care targeted toward rosacea. Since having Louie, my skin is prone to flaring up when I consume anything synthetic, so I need to be careful with what I put on my skin.

    • — What is your approach to health and wellbeing?

      Salt water and sunshine! We get most of our exercise at the beach, just through surfing or chasing the children alone. We avoid refined sugars and enjoy fresh organic produce from the local markets, and plenty of Byron’s fluoride-free water!! Generally everything else is enjoyed in moderation, but always listening to our body’s and tapping in to it’s needs… which I think mostly at this point, is MORE SLEEP!

    • — Any products that really helped you with your babies?

      Baby-wearing is a must, we lived in our YOLI & OTIS Carrier, but also a good swaddle blanket! Ours are naturally dyed and so snuggly and soft!

    • — How do you relax?

      My time to relax is in the mornings when Carlo is up with the kids in the kitchen making breakfast… it’s bliss, I just lay there listening to them giggle… (with the whole bed to myself!)

    • — Tell us about your own Mum…

      My mama, she’s a beautiful soul. Very independent, well traveled, and a wonderful listener… always ready to help solve a problem or just show her support.

    • — How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

      It’s a surprise! … but with my family I suspect! Maybe a walk through one of the various tracks in the hinterland, or a beach picnic.