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    Lauren Trend

    • Designer and researcher Lauren Trend photographed by Tasha Tylee in her Spanish-mission style apartment in South Yarra, VIC. @laurentrend

    • - How would you describe your style?

      It's without question informed first and foremost by materiality. I gravitate towards garments for their feel more so than their shape or particular style. With that being said I do keep it pretty simple; neutral tones make me feel most myself - you'll be hard pressed to find a colour beyond navy or olive green in my wardrobe. On most days I wear re-tailored oversized men’s suiting or denim and a silk blouse, shirt or simple knit.

      - What is your approach to dressing each day?

      Now that I'm thinking about it I certainly have a uniform of sorts. My now-wardrobe is about one fifth of the size that it was a few years ago. I thought to myself the other day that that's a nice symbol, I feel, of growing up - of refining taste, getting to know myself better. I used to hold onto garments with the intention that one day, I might wake up and be in 'that mood' - but now, I no longer own anything that isn't regularly worn or holds significant sentimental value. So my approach to dressing each day is to pick from a small selection of pieces that I know make me feel simultaneously professional, relaxed and polished. I also enjoy wearing garments that I feel encourage discussion around fashion.

MC Woman. Lauren Trend

Inside Lauren's apartment

    • - List your daily essentials

      My yoga practice, dry body brushing, Bodha Ground incense, time with friends and/or creative counterparts, decision making that is considerate of and conducive to my overall wellbeing.

      - What are you currently reading / watching / listening to?

      Currently reading: Stories and Reflections by Axel Vervoordt, Mode and Mode 4: Fashion without Fashion & anything and everything I can find about Simone Forti. Currently watching: Wim Wenders, Notebooks on Cities and Clothes. Listening to: The Autumn Studio Playlist on Self Practice

      - Where did you last travel to, and where do you hope to visit this year?

      It's been a while since I've traveled any great distance, but I will be in London this August and Paris come September, which I am very much looking forward to.

      - What do you treasure?

      For an item - my Memory Ring, which was a commissioned work of Melbourne-based artist (and dear friend) Seala Lokollo Evans. It was a gift from three of my closest friends for my birthday and it holds such sentimental value. For a moment - presenting a collection of garments under the umbrella of my fashion/research practice Editioned Archive late last year. The occasion coincided with my birthday, so to have friends, family and my wider creative community be there to watch on and support as well as celebrate was truly special.

  •  MC Woman. Lauren Trend

Interview by Yasmine Ganley