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    Katie in her studio

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    • Katie Lockhart is the eyes and heart behind some of the most prominent stores, restaurants and residencies around the world. Her holistic approach is to orchestrate the physical space into something that is both functional and spiritual — always leaving room for its inhabitants, potential guests and the imagination.

      Drawn to her subtlety, we have long admired Katie’s sensitivity to colour treatment and the way she blends works from local artists with internationally renowned pieces. This mixture offers a physically pleasurable experience that constantly surprises.

      We visited Katie at her studio to talk about interiors, style and what makes a space.

      — Can you tell us about the favourite features of your home?

      For sure it is the garden, we never thought we would get this sort of privacy and space ten minutes from the city. It feels like an oasis and our dream of being as self sufficient as possible through an orchard and vegetable gardens is entirely possible.

      — Whilst renovating, what have been some important elements you have wanted to create?

      We want to create a home for our family that is comfortable and functional whilst still intrinsically ours.

Katie Lockhart Studio - Everyday Needs Colour

Everyday Needs Colour - a range of paint colours developed by Katie Lockhart
in collaboration with specialist paint company, Drikolor.

  • Katie Lockhart Studio Everyday Needs Colour

    Everyday Needs Colour paints

    • — As you travel often for work, what would be your favourite place to visit in London?

      Leila’s grocery store and cafe in Arnold Circus. I love people who care about food as she does.

      — Your favourite place to visit in Italy?

      Milan is very dear to me after spending a good period of time there in my 20s learning my craft from some very exceptional Italian women who took me under their wing. In particular the original Prada store in Vittorio Emanuele is a favourite haunt, it feels like you see the real eye of the Prada storm there and I also love Nina Yashar’s Nilufar gallery nearby.

      — Your favourite place to visit in Japan?

      Probably D & Department Store in Tokyo. Aways fun to rummage through.

      — And when you’re back home, your favourite place to visit in Auckland?

      I just love being at home with my family, we often have big Sunday dinners at ours with all of our extended family, nothing makes me happier. If we are driving back from the airport I love to stop at Lorraine’s vintage store ‘Art and Industry’ on Manukau Road, she has the best taste.

    • — What would be the most cherished pieces in your home?

      I have a pair of vintage Orkney Island chairs that I bought whilst I was pregnant with Grey, there is a Mama chair and a baby chair. Naturally I have to sit in the baby chair.

      — What are your top three elements that every space needs?

      Good natural light, warmth and textiles.

      — What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on?

      We recently designed the interior of a private residence alongside architectural practise Stevens Lawsons. It was so rewarding to work with great architects but also a client that gave us the freedom to create a wonderful home. We collaborated with cabinet makers, weavers and furniture makers to custom make many of the elements and I truly feel that the home is energised by the love that these craftsmen have transferred into these pieces.

      — Describe your daily dressing.

      Given I spend most of my construction sites, my style is more practical - brogues or sneakers, high waisted jeans and a cashmere knit.

      — Describe your ideal space in three words.

      The Copper House (by Studio Mumbai)

      The Copper House by Studio Mumbai

      The Copper House, India
      Photo courtesy of Studio Mumbai

      Interview by Yasmine Ganley
      Images from Katie Lockhart Studio and Yasmine Ganley

  • Katie Lockhart Studio Work

    Katie Lockhart Studio work