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    Jerico wears Dion Lee Shirt and Dion Lee Pant

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    Jerico Tracy

    • Art collector, curator, consultant Jerico Tracy photographed in her gallery, Jerico Contemporary (@jerico_contemporary) in Woolloomooloo.

    • - Why choose a career as an art curator?

      I always wanted to be an art curator, as I have always been drawn to the history of art and how it has shaped culture throughout time. Yet, I have also had a creative side that I needed to express, so rather than being an academic or an artist, my role as an art curator falls somewhere in between the two.

      - What does a typical day look like for you?

      Each day is quite different, I’m constantly running between artist studios, project spaces, galleries and meetings. On a day that I’m based at the gallery, I will get up early have a walk and coffee with my partner, then arrive at my office a couple of hours before we open to reply to emails and work on upcoming exhibitions and projects. The gallery opens at 11am, so we have people constantly coming in and out, to view the current exhibition. I’ll usually have a couple of scheduled meetings with clients, artists and collectors, and be putting things into place for the next exhibition. I tend to go to an exhibition opening or arts event most evenings after work, but if not I take great pleasure in being at home with a book, and glass of wine.

  •  MC. Woman Jerico Tracey

  •  MC. Woman Jerico Tracey

    Wearing HOPE Shirt and Re/Done Jean

    • - Does art influence the way you dress?

      Absolutely, I think I gravitate towards a minimalist style and a neutral palette so I can let the artwork I am working with speak for itself. I tend to opt for classic pieces, but with unexpected cuts, gestural lines and sculptural accessories.

      - What are your wardrobe essentials?

      My wardrobe essentials include white t-shirts; button up shirts, skinny jeans and tailored pants, and black dresses. With sandals, ballet flats or white sneakers during the day, and black suede pumps for the evening.

      - What is the most treasured artwork in your personal collection?

      I started collecting art over ten years ago, so there are so many beloved pieces that I cherish for different reasons – it’s impossible to pick just one. Although, Christiane Spangsberg painted a work for my partner and I that I truly treasure.

MC. Woman Jerico Tracey

Artworks exhibiting at Jerico Contemporary

    • - Must see exhibitions for 2018?

      Patricia Piccinini ‘Curious Affection’ at The Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is one not to miss.

      - Who is your favourite artist at the moment and why?

      Canadian artist Chloe Wise, is a really interesting emerging multidisciplinary artist. Wise is beautiful figurative painter and engaging sculptor who addresses issues within contemporary culture with self-deprecating humour.

      - What advise would you give to someone buying art? What should they look for?

      Originality, talent and execution. So many young artists imitate other artists work and it is so refreshing to see unique works that are an authentic representation of the artists’ vision of the world.

      - Any recommendations of places to go to in Woolloomooloo?

      Flour and Stone is a delicious bakery on Riley Street, and you can’t go past China Doll for lunch on the Woolloomooloo Wharf. Riley Street Garage is the perfect place for date night, and of course Jerico Contemporary for a little artistic inspiration.

  •  MC. Woman Jerico Tracey