• Jens Risom Magazine Table

    Jens Risom Magazine Table

    • Magazine Display

      Rediscover the magazine table or rack - the quirky results of Mid-Century Modern, an era responsible for the countless interior designs that are a balance between experimentation and practicality. Reserve your coffee table for its intended purpose and invest in a magazine display to gather and display your favourite publications. Look to a table styled display to double as an end table, or a rack for a modern flare in the living room or on the desk. Draw inspiration from vintage Carl Auböck's brass pieces or walnut designs of Arthur Umanoff and Jens Risom all of whom are credible for the popularity of this stylish display.

Arthur Umanoff Magazine Rack Carl Aubock Magazine Rack

The Gentlewoman on a magazine rack at Lokal Hotel Saddle Ring Rack

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