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    New Year Refresh

    • Artists, designers, editors and entrepreneurs reveal their rituals and practices for health and wellness in the New Year.

        • How do you recharge and find balance in the New Year?

        - Megha Kapoor, Stylist / Editor & Creative Director, Inprint Magazine

        I escape to my family home in New Zealand. There's nowhere in the world I can completely relax the way I do at home with my family. Lots of walking in nature, swimming at rugged black sand beaches on the West Coast of Auckland... there's an untouched quality about the country that's so epic, it's hard not to be affected by it. You breathe deeper and feel your senses resetting. Aside from that I cook, eat, sleep and repeat. Having time to myself with no engagements (work or social) is the ultimate elixir. It's heaven!

        - Elle Presbury, Market & Beauty Editor, RUSSH Magazine

        By the time the end of year comes around I always want to get as far from the city as possible. I’ll be holing up in a shack five hours down the south coast on the edge of a lake with friends. Cooking our meals over the fire (namely because the ‘kitchen’ doubles as a shower), watching whatever VHS’s that have remained from the 90s and basically just swimming, eating, swimming, eating.

        I don’t tend to do big detoxes – I don’t stick to them, nor do I really care to. I have somehow managed to get myself to a point where I enjoy steaks, pasta and wine as much as I love smoothies with all the crazy powders in them, and I’ll just happily flit between the two ends of the scale all year long. The less you think about it, the better off you’ll be.
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  • Kate Moss by Corinne Day

    Kate Moss by Corinne Day

    • - Sophie Buhai, Jewellery Designer

      Between working and being a mum, I hardly have time for myself, so during the holiday I make sure to book a spa day, and do lots of nature walks to recharge. A full day at a Korean Spa in LA makes me feel like a new person. I love to enjoy the hot and cold pools, the steam room, the jade room, and the hot stone floor.

      - Christelle Scifo, Founder, Fleurette

      Ocean swims, long lunches with loved ones, yoga, pilates and ballet classes. Incorporating self-care into your lifestyle and routine, self-awareness too. Lemon water of a morning, multi-vitamins and Beauty Chef inner beauty powder in my smoothies. A balanced and consistent diet rather than cutting things out completely - control for me is key.

      I’m French-Sicilian, live a Mediterranean lifestyle and don’t tend to diet, but indulge in the foods I love and balance my portions with fresh produce. An island escape to Bali or by the sea in Byron Bay, even home in Manly - anywhere close to nature is a good way to help regroup and reconnect, take a breath and come back to balance. Balance is my forever resolution.

    • - Lauren Trend, Founder & Editor, Self Practice

      At the turn of the new year I always find myself spending long days that turn into balmy nights by the beach. Whether with family or friends, there's always good wine and good food - and you'll be hard pressed to find us anywhere other than next to, or in, the ocean. As a refresh this year, I don't plan on doing much other than this. Sun, salt, lathering my skin in something hydrating. Switching my phone off, a great deal more perhaps? A new year is always a great time to pause and reflect. But rather than set resolutions, I like to look back, and notice everything that's shifted, and all that I have to be grateful for, from the year that was.

      - Delta Venus, Artist

      My favourite way to recharge during the festive season is to go off the grid. I like to reconnect with nature, cover my hands in paint and swim in the ocean. To wake with the sun and sleep when it sets.

      My go-to detox at the moment is a daily sauna session. It has been giving me incredible energy and my skin has never felt better. I'm also a regular floater in a sensory deprivation tank. It's a bit like a hard reset for my body and I always come back to reality feeling completely renewed.
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  • Andrea Diaconu

    Andrea Diaconu by Cass Bird for Porter Magazine

    • - Alice Birrell, Senior Fashion Features Editor, Vogue Australia

      I make sure there is some planned fun as well as expanses of free time. Planned would be something like the big annual Christmas long lunch my friends and I do. We try to go somewhere different every time - it just has to be summery — outdoor, on the water, up on the beaches. Some of my best friends are coming home from overseas this time so we will have a full set. Free time I fill with books, swimming, music and getting out of the city. 

      To reset health-wise I just return to normal, which means lots of colours in fruit and veggies and all the rest. I don't like the idea of punitive eating! No one should feel guilty about going a little hard over Christmas; sharing food and drink with friends and family are what dreams are made of — a celebratory martini on the last day of work, a cold beer in the pool with the cricket on the radio on Boxing Day, Mum's rum balls... Right now I'm going to Barry's for exercise so that's where I'll go if I have any money left over post-Christmas. 

    • - Nichhia Wippell, Fashion Assistant, Harper's Bazaar & Elle Australia

      I like to recharge over the break by spending as many days as possible by the beach; the fresh air and salty water is my favourite way to refresh. My go-to health detox is visiting my family in central Queensland – they own a big organic property an hour from the closest town, so staying there for a week or 2 means an unintentional health cleanse while being surrounded by nature.

      - Juliette Harkness, Director, Deiji Studios

      Being present with my family over the break is so important, not just physically but mentally also, giving myself a break from work and social media, and enjoying the little things. Giving myself and my family that time will help me recharge for the New Year. I have never detoxed in my life, I believe in ‘everything in moderation’… plenty of water is a must - I seem to feel more energised and have a clearer mind when I remember to drink water!

      - Jessica Williams, Ecommerce Product Specialist, My Chameleon

      To recharge over my Christmas break from what has been a very busy year, I spend quality time with my boys just being a Mum. No school drop off or pick up means relaxing mornings, heading to the beach, walking the dog and just taking my time. For a bit of a health kick for the new year I usually pick up on the cardio - an evening run during daylight savings is always good. 

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