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      Growing up on a merino sheep farm in Kangaroo Island, Alexandra Brown is no stranger to the delicate nature of luxury fabrics. The Sydney-based journalist has worked for Vogue Living and Australian titles Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, creating her namesake garment and body care brand after 9 years in the publishing space. We speak to Alexandra about the Ms Brown range and how to ensure our favourite wardrobe pieces stay pristine for years to come.

      • - Ms Brown is made with 100% natural ingredients – what does this mean for the garment and the user?

        I wanted to create natural products with the user in mind, as far as reducing exposure to the toxic ingredients used in many household cleaning products, which can be very damaging to your health and the environment. This also benefits the garments, as the 100% biodegradable formulas are very gentle on fabric fibres and will rinse out easily. This means they won’t leave any chemical residues on the fabrics, which can over time break down and damage the fabric fibres.

        Key ingredients, such as Aloe Vera in the Wool & Cashmere Wash, actually moisturise the fabric, helping to keep the wool fibres soft yet strong so they feel beautiful to touch and last longer. Eucalyptus and lavender are not only excellent natural cleansers, but they also help to deter moths, preventing holes in your garments while in storage.

    - How should the care of wool and cashmere differ from delicate fabrics?

    Wool and cashmere are actually quite tough fabrics with excellent natural elasticity that helps them to keep their shape if cared for properly. A bulky wool jumper can withstand a bump around in the washing machine (on cool wool or gentle cycle) while a delicate lace or silk top is usually safer washed by hand. When it comes to drying, woollens should never be hung as the weight of the garment can stretch it out of shape, while hanging a silk shirt can help reduce ironing time.

  • - What are some common myths you’ve encountered regarding the care of wool and delicate fabrics?

    While it’s becoming less and less common, many people still aren’t confident to wash their precious garments at home and assume that taking them to the dry cleaner is the safest option. Personally, I feel much more comfortable taking care of something that’s precious to me, in my own home, rather than trusting a third party with it.

    In addition to this, the harsh chemicals used by dry cleaners will actually damage your fabric fibres over time and wear out your garment. Not to mention the fact that those chemicals are extremely harmful to your health and the environment. People are becoming much more comfortable ignoring the dry-clean-only label on their garments. All our garment care products can be used in the washing machine or for hand washing, giving you options for each specific garment in your wardrobe

    - How else can we care for our garments?

    Storage is another key factor that’s easy to fix and can ensure your garments last longer. Never put a garment away dirty as any dirt or odours will attract moths which will create holes and destroy your garment. Wool jumpers should always be folded on a shelf or in a drawer, never hung.

    Use round-edged, ideally soft hangers for silks and delicates to prevent pulls in the fabric and unsightly bumps in the shoulders. Be careful when storing anything beaded, and ideally keep it in a cotton or linen garment bag separately, to ensure it doesn’t pull a delicate knit or silk garment.

ms brown x matteau swim wash ms brown wool wash

Ms Brown x Matteau Swim WashMs Brown Wool & Cashmere Wash

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