• Baron House

    Baron House in Skåne by architect John Pawson

    • Atrium House

      Tham & Videgård’s Atrium House on Swedish Island

    • Atrium House

Frame Work

Characterizing Scandinavian Minimalism can be pinned down to a window reference. Evident in Baron House in Skåne and Atrium House on Swedish Island, the architects behind these homes acknowledge the strategic intent of the architectural plan. Both drawing inspiration from the doors of farm buildings, the window reference serves multi-purpose of décor and logic. Designed to act as the main source of warmth and texture through the ever-changing art like outdoor view, it also extends the indoor space to the of vast, flat Northern European landscape.

  • “The large sliding glass windows are mounted on the surface of the exterior walls, according to the same principle as many barn doors. Also the interior doors are surface-mounted, allowing the walls to appear unbroken.”
    — Tham & Videgård