• James Dean and Ursula Andress 1955

    James Dean and Ursula Andress 1955

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    Festive Etiquette

    • Hinting with a wave of the heat and sunshine, we are reminded that the final month is here. We spend this time to reflect and relax, sharing memories and celebrating the festive season with those close to us. With the holidays ahead, we turn to our insiders for their Entertaining Essentials (EE) and words of advice on being a Gracious Guest (GG).

    • - Billie Iveson, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Russh Magazine

      EE. I love entertaining and cooking for friends. Consider the guest list carefully - add a few new interesting people and always over cater for alcohol.
      GG. Being a gracious party guest is not hard. Never turn up empty handed, whether it be wine or flowers. Always send a thank you, either via text or written card depending on the occasion. I like to be on the side of ‘on time’ so you can have a chance to speak to the hosts before the party gets crowded or help in the kitchen if it’s a casual dinner party.

    • - Rachel Wayman, Fashion Director , ELLE Magazine

      EE. The essential mix to my festive get-togethers are a good mix of family and friends, an overwhelming amount of food, my grandmothers Trifle and a fun playlist consisting of Naughty by Nature and Al Green.
      GG. Even if the host insists on not bringing a thing, I would always bring a plate of food, bottle or a gift - a small bouquet of flowers is a lovely gesture too.

    • - Elise Pioch, Founder, Maison Balzac

      EE. No matter how big or small the occasion, I decorate the table or room before I start cooking. It puts me in the festive mood hours before the guests arrive. I stream play FIP, a French radio, during the party - it is random, eclectic and very good. They have French ads in between which apparently sounds very chic too.
      GG. I love to arrive on time, this allows for a personal moment with the hosts. I usually gift the latest products from my collection, I love to receive feed back from friends and family. A few days after the party, I send a hand written thank you - any party involves preparation and enthusiasm, this deserves special recognition.

    • - Caroline Tran, Market Editor , Harpers Bazaar

      EE. When I am entertaining, I am always sure to have a cheese platter. Whether it is just me and one other person, or a large party. My staple is D'Affinois French cheese and I build it up from there. The platter should always be plentiful. I like to light candles and have music playing to create an ambience and having some champagne or spritz's ready to go also helps.
      GG. When attending a party I make sure to bring something - whether it is a bottle, a little gift or flowers for the host. If the host needs help with little jobs or organizing music, I'm always in there but maybe that is my control-freak nature.

    • - Giselle Kalkandis, Founder , My Chameleon

      EE. For me bringing different personalities together is key to creating a new level of energy that makes your party most memorable. Guests should feel comfortable and free to be, even before they arrive, so I often call or text a day or two before to let them know that I’m looking forward to seeing them.
      GG. If it’s a dinner party come with the intention of eating and having a real good time socializing, consider that your host has spent so much time in preparation and thought. Leave any negativity at the door and be sure to bring your best attitude. And though you might have thanked the host on the night, send a message of appreciation the following day.

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    • - Ilona Hamer, Co-Founder , Matteau and Unconditional Magazine

      EE. A carefree and positive energy. Be the kind of host that people want to talk to, and don’t sweat the small things. Prepare in advance so once guests arrive you can enjoy a glass of something and get into the spirit. Red wine spills can be cleaned and pizza can always be delivered, so as long as the company and the music are good that is all you need.
      GG. Keep your phone in your bag - be present, and live in the moment. If you want to take photos, bring a 35mm camera. Enjoy an uninterrupted evening where people can really focus on each other. I’ve been to the most incredible parties where not one photo had been published.

    • - Camilla Hyles, Head Office Co-ordinator , My Chameleon

      EE. Clean up on the night of - this always makes the next morning easier and more refreshing.
      GG. Talk to someone you don’t know – it makes the host more relaxed knowing their guests are comfortable.

    • - Natalie Petrevski, Junior Fashion Editor, Russh Magazine

      EE. Delicious food, great music, plenty of drinks and carefully selected guests.
      GG. Always come prepared and ready to dance and most of all don’t forget your manners.

    • - Yasmine Ganley, Editor , Anyone Girl and WAIST Magazine

      EE. Ice cold Champagne on arrival and a really great playlist - Alice Coltrane, Curtis Harding, Bad Bad Not Good, Matthew Halsall.
      GG. Introduce guests to other guests, help to clear the plates, don't be the last person hanging around at 2am when your hosts are tired.

    • - Peta Heinsen, Co-Founder, Matteau

      EE. Keep it relaxed. I love “Family Style” dining where people can pick and choose what they want more or less of rather than single plated meals. At least 3-4 salads are always key and I love to make them with as much color, flavour and texture as possible.
      GG. Never turn up empty handed. It should always be a gift that feels considered and genuine. Our Matteau X Maison Balzac La Plage candle is the perfect for that or a coffee table book that is specific to your hosts’ interest is sometimes more special and appreciated than a nice bottle of champagne.

    • - Jessica Williams, E-Commerce Co-ordinator, My Chameleon

      EE. Make sure you have enough food and drinks for your guests. Try and stick to the standard three course -entree, main and dessert. Also, have music playing in the background…everyone will be in a better mood.
      GG. Bring something with you or at least offer. At the party, offer to help the host with serving drinks, foods and cleaning up.