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    - Guest Mood by Anna Harrison, Contributing Editor RUSSH Magazine + creator of Words of Note.
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    After a fairly lazy, beach-centric January of over-consumption and underachievement, February for me is a time to rev the creative engines and get moving. It’s a time for reintegrating into daily life with a fresh tan, a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. As my brain slowly flickers back online, it demands once again to be fed with inspiration and that means art of all kinds but especially words, which never fail to fan the flames. Even the simple act of pausing for a moment to pour over a truly incredible sentence – its form and structure, its particular cadence and unique resonance – is enough to wake up the neurons and remind me why I left that cozy spot on the beach and returned to this so-called work.

    Credits: ‘Pure Beauty’ - John Baldessari, ‘A two-dimensional surface…” - John Baldessari, Blind embossing - Eduardo Chillida, Portrait of Joan Didion, Albert Camus quote, Poem - Rainer Maria Rilke, ’This is gonna hurt’ - John Baldessari, Sculpture - Alana Wilson’s collaboration with Anna Varendorff called ’Surface revisions’, Bedroom space - source unknown.

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