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    A moodboard referencing some of the tones in our world — Earthy chartreuse. Dried rice. Southwestern shadows. Toasted almond. Painted desert. Milky sponge cake.

    - J.Hannah founder, Jessica Hannah

    Chair by Élisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, from Garouste & Bonetti, 1996 / Kaftan from CristaSeya collection #10 / Soap inspired by the ritual of the Korean public bath. Shaman Black Charcoal Soap, Sujjeongwa Soap, Haenyeo Sea Woman Soap, and Ae Gi Super Mild Soap from Binu Binu / A Model Story (1942, 1966), by Raymond Queneau. Design by Germano Facetti, Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Milan, 1973 / A selection of J.Hannah nail polishes / Paloma Wool linen dress and Vereverto hip pack via Fuggiamo / Modern postcard of Untitled (Yellow Bath) sculpture by Rachel Whiteread, 1996 / "Color analysis from a stone" from Color Problems: A Practical Manual For The Lay Student of Color by American artist Emily Noyes Vanderpoel, 1902 / From A Dictionary of Color Combinations by Sanzo Wada, published 2011

My Chameleon February 2019 Moodboard

My Chameleon February 2019 Moodboard