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    The Art of Furoshiki

    • Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese custom of using cloth to transport and wrap items. Today we consider this ancient practice as a thoughtful and sustainable way of wrapping food, gifts and small gestures.

      What you will need to get started. A reusable piece of linen or cotton cloth, large and thick enough to hold its contents, that looks good on both sides. The most common furoshiki sizes are approximately 45cm and 72cm.

    • - Wrapping Books, Boxes, or Flat Items.

      - Place the object diagonally in the center of the cloth.

      - If the object is rectangular, then draw up the corners of the fabric on either side of the longest edges of the item. Make sure the fabric is tight and tie the two opposite corners together once.


- Next, do the same with the other two corners but tie it twice so it knots. If the object being wrapped is square, then it doesn’t matter which opposite corners are tied together first.

  • Notes. The Art of Furoshiki

    Image via Sans Ceuticals

  • Notes. The Art of Furoshiki

    Image via Pinterest

    • Wrapping Round Items

      - Lay the cloth out in a diamond shape on a flat surface and place the object upright in the middle.

      - Gather the top and bottom corners together and tie them securely in a knot on top of the object.

      - Take the two remaining corners and wrap them around the bottle so that they cross over the back and end at the front. Make sure the fabric stays tight while wrapping. Tie the two ends in a knot.

      - If a handle is desired, then tie another knot with the loose ends at the top of the bottle. To do this, twist the ends a little and tie a small knot with the very ends of the fabric.

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