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    Caring for Cashmere

    • Cashmere is one of the finest, most long-lasting fibres in the world. A luxurious winter staple deserving special care as it takes pride of place in the wardrobe. If cared for correctly and by following some simple guidelines when laundering, it will still look new in years to come.

        • - Care.

          Wash your cashmere regularly in a high-quality machine on the wool cycle (30°C), using a wool detergent or baby shampoo and no fabric softener. Put each garment in a separate washing bag or pillowcase. Do not run a cycle with more than three garments at once.

      - Drying.

      After washing, dry the garment flat on a towel. This prevents the garment from stretching.

      - Ironing.

      Iron on a low temperature, using a thin cloth between the iron and the cashmere. This will help ease the fibres and get them back into place.

  • - Pilling.

    Cashmere garments are made from natural fibres that pill. Pills are the small balls that occur on the surface of the garment, usually due to friction. Deeply dyed cashmere, like bright red, tend to pill more than colours that do not use much dye. Remove excess pills with a cashmere comb. The pilling will lessen after removing them a few times.

    - Storing.

    Store your cashmere folded in a drawer or on a shelf. It will lose shape if it is hung on a hanger.

    - Resting.

    Cashmere is a natural product that requires extra care. After wearing your cashmere for a day it is beneficial to let it rest for two days after. This will help the fibers recuperate.

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