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    Building Block designers Nancy and Kimberly

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    Building Block

    • Established in 2011 by sisters Nancy and Kimberly Wu, Building Block seeks to reverse the excessiveness and create designs that are a balance between timeless shapes and practicality.

    • - What is the philosophy behind Building Block?

      Building Block seeks to clear away aesthetic assumptions of luxury and return to a sense of purpose through the exploration of form. The name is quite literal and embodies our goal to start the design process by thoughtfully beginning at square one.

      - How do you describe your personal style?

      Crisp yet comfortable, masculine, a loose-fitting uniform.

      - Do you have a woman/man in mind when designing?

      Someone thoughtful, informed, and confident about their personal style. Someone who bases their wardrobe decisions on quality over trend.

Building Block Disc Bucket Bag and Moodboard

Disc Bucket Bag and inspiration

  • Building Block designers Nancy and Kimberly

    • - What are you inspired by?

      Currently inspired by Margiela's retrospective show at the Palais Galliera. Films by Yasujiro Ozu and Jacques Tati are frequent sources for imagination. As are works by Shiro Kuramata, artists in the Mono-ha movement, Josef Hoffmann and the Wiener Werkstätte to name a few.

      - How do you approach the design process each season?

      Projects and styles always begin with constructing paper or fabric mock-ups by hand. The goal is always to create something that is playful yet useful; something simple but deceivingly complex to construct. This is the best part of our jobs--to unravel an idea by making it with your own hands never gets old. From there a technical drawing is created and sent to our producers for sampling.