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    Darya in her home

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    • Master of colour and proportion, Darya Bing curates the costume and art departments for many brands and companies. Her sharp eye for detail lends itself to both independent and commercial industries, dabbling in the unexpected and always playful. Darya’s own style is difficult to pin point, combining a mixture of vintage and classic pieces her outfits are textural and structural all at the same time, yet, never noisy. Her signature grey braid or high ponytail is really the styling cherry on top: a beautifully maintained mane ending in perfect ringlets.

      We visited Darya at her home while she juggled styling meetings for her up-coming shoot, giving out colour advice to her husband artist Gideon Bing, and getting the house ready for her two girls, Mika and Ellie, to come home from school. .

      — What are some of the textures and colours you like surround yourself with?

      I love seeing the reflection of wood in Gidon’s copper bird sculpture, the way the afternoon’s saturated light streams in through our white cotton curtains, looking out the window to find a hundred different shades of green in the garden, and the way I feel perfectly wrong wearing a double pattern.

      — What are some of your home’s most precious objects? 

      Plants, art, books.

      — You mentioned you find it difficult to throw away your vintage pieces, some that you’ve had since you were a teenager. Tell us about a couple of your favourite vintage finds?

      My collection is a mix of vintage from my mum’s closet, years of hunting and some theatrical pieces. One of the pieces is a heavy caftan from my husband, it is the traditional wear of the Beduins in the Sinai desert - utilitarian with minimal embellishment.

      A second is a lemon coloured maxi skirt that I bought in London as a student. I remember not having any money to buy vintage, but wanting this skirt so much that I saved the money! I find that even 20 years later, it still goes with any colour and style.

Coat and Hat in Darya Bing's Home Sculpture in Darya Bing's Home Lamp and flowers in Darya Bing's Home

    • — Constantly sourcing for different projects, what are some people, brands or objects that have impressed you recently? 

      I am honestly always impressed by every person I deal with in retail, their willingness to help and problem solve. Lately it has been - Yoli and Otis, Persephone Vintage, and the Parisien artist Caroline Denervaud.

      — Your garden is abundant in fruits! What was the most recent dish you created from your home-grown supplies?

      Persimmon salad. Our tree has done so well this year. And a baked cheese cake with a topping of reduced feijoas with a ton of lemon zest.

      — Where is your favourite place to visit in Auckland? 

      Karaka Bay, Bethells and Dingel Dale.

      Interview and Images by Yasmine Ganley

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