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    Cheese by Off Carte

    • Anthony Bourdain said that "you have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese." And we couldn't agree more. In these times of self-isolation, our cheesy romanticism is at an all-time high. We find that curating a great cheese board is the perfect way to pass some time in between FaceTime wines. And cheese makes a bad day good and a good day better. When building our board, we like to include a range of different flavours and textures. We source the best ingredients through Two Providores (PSA: this Sydney distributor is currently open to the public). We tend to support local varieties as much as possible – though some of our faves also hail from overseas. And we always remove cheese from the fridge at least half an hour before serving, to let it reach room temperature.  Our selection varies, but the below is a guide to curating the Off Carte go-to cheese board. We love these varieties so much that we featured each one in our wedding cheese tower. They remind us of the good times (when hugging our loved ones was still a thing).


      Brillat Savarin is the softest, creamiest variety on our cheese board. It’s a triple-cream cow's milk cheese that hails from France and is delicious with a charcoal cracker.

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      Holy Goat La Luna is our favourite goat cheese and it’s also made in Australia. This one is creamy, with just the right amount of sharpness to it. And we love it smeared on some fruit.


      Australian Maffra Cheddar has a harder consistency but is no less luxurious. The layered flavour and buttery texture of this cow's milk cheese is best enjoyed with a crunchy pickle or a drizzle of Malfroy’s Honey.

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The tableware you choose is all part of the experience. As are the additional extras that you layer your cheese board with.
We personally love Westmont Pickles, Alto wild olives, and some fruit like dates or peaches.

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      We like to mix things up when it comes to crackers. Sometimes it is simple Aussie staples like Jatz. Other times we'll dress it up with our own seeded sourdough loaf (Off Carte recipe coming soon). Just go with what feels right.

    • VINO.

      Pour yourself a glass of something. You deserve it! We especially love our cheese with bubbles from P&V or a natural orange wine with bright acidity, to complement those creamy layers.

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Guest curation by Off Carte – a recipe exchange founded by
writer Rosie Dalton and pickler Joel Mevissen.
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