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      Considered a natural purifier and cleanser since the Japanese Edo period, activated charcoal has many benefits to skin, hair, and teeth. With these parts of our body most exposed to pollution, it’s important to treat accordingly. The results are a deeper cleanse and detoxification as the stubborn toxins from these areas are gently removed by sticking onto the charcoal. 

      If you’re looking for a non-contact solution, invest in a Morihata Chikuno Cube that will draw out the impurities from the air in your home, automatically improving your living standard. These cubes are made of just two materials – clay minerals and activated charcoal, both 100% recyclable. After use, break the cubes apart as it’ll aerate the soil and plant them in your garden.

      With an array of charcoal products targeted for specific use, you can replace or add to an existing routine seamlessly.

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