• MC Woman

    Billie Iveson

    • After more than 8 years as the Fashion and Beauty Director at RUSSH magazine, Billie is renowned for her refined sensibilities as a stylist and ability to tell stories with heart and purpose. We visit her at her Bondi apartment to speak about career, health practices and philosophies to live by.

    • - Was fashion something you always wanted to pursue?

      Working in fashion is something I always knew I wanted to do but didn’t know which area until I had done a few internships and explored different fields within the industry. My mother is a fashion designer and so I knew my preference was curating and creating rather than designing.

      - What inspires you creatively?

      The creative people I work with are constant sources of inspiration. The collaborative nature of my job is one of my favourite facets of it. I also look to films and vintage imagery.

      - What is the most important lesson you’ve learned during your career so far?

      Be kind and play by your own rules. You don’t have to be who people try and tell you you have to be.

  •  MC Woman. Billie Iveson

    Billie wears Hope Everyday Cotton Unisex Tee and Christopher Esber Exclusive Incline Gathered Silk Skirt

  •  MC Woman. Billie Iveson

    Billie wears Paris Georgia Alba Satin Wrap Top, Dion Lee Faille Combo Wool Pant and A.Emery Paige Leather Sandal

    • - Do you have any major career highlights?

      I love discovering new brands and featuring them – then they go on to amazing things. The same for discovering new creative talent and working with them over the years, from small shoots online to shooting a cover. We really are about supporting emerging talent across all parts of the industry and it’s very rewarding.

      - Tell us about your everyday uniform.

      Neutral tones such as black, navy and white are a big part of my wardrobe. A well-fitting black pant or jeans, shirts, a blazer and flats. I prefer quality of fabric and fit and look for interesting silhouettes, as well as things that don’t crush and travel well.

MC Woman. Billie Iveson

Left: Maison Balzac Drinking Glass Set
Right: Billie wears Paris Georgia Alba Satin Wrap Top and Dion Lee Faille Combo Wool Pant

    • - What are some of your health and beauty routines?

      Vedic meditation is something I try and do every day, but often it doesn’t happen. I’m doing a retreat in Byron Bay with The Broad Place later
      this year so hopefully that will re-inspire me to practice every day. For exercise I prefer walking, pilates and Barre. In winter I love infrared sauna
      if my muscles are sore and I go to Venustus for massage, which is thoroughly healing - mentally and physically. Generally, I alternate between
      craving routine if I’ve been travelling and mixing things up if I’ve been home too long. Lately I have been sticking to the Rationale beauty routine
      and love their facials.

      - Where did you last travel and why was it memorable?

      New York. Each time I visit I have a different experience and discover something new (despite having once been seven times in a year) I regularly
      travel to New York, London, Milan and Paris. It’s a treat for a trip to come up somewhere different and to have the ability to discover somewhere new.
      I went to Tokyo for the first time last year for work and despite only being there for just over 48 hours we managed to cram in quite a few activities
      and left wanting more. I’m lucky to have shot in some amazing locations, from Barbados, to Broken Hill and the south of France.

  •  MC Woman. Billie Iveson

    Left: Billie wears Albus Lumen Azul Ribbed Maxi Dress and A.Emery Paige Leather Sandal
    Right: RUSSH Magazine

      • - What are you currently reading, watching and listening to?

        I’m always reading and have a pile waiting on my bedside table. Currently it’s a Seth Godin book and I just finished The Voyeurs Motel by
        Guy Talese. The Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix was amazingly inspirational. What a life. Khruangbin and Four Tet are on high rotation.

      • - Who are your role models in life?

        My close friends who constantly inspire me in all that they do, my mother who is always passionate about her job and continues to work
        6 days a week doing what she loves. Working so closely with Jess Blanch, our Editor-In-Chief, has been so rewarding – we are so different
        but I’m always learning from her and we complement each other.

        - Are there any words of wisdom you live by?

        Learn to listen to your intuition in all parts of your life – from work to health and personal relationships. Be kind.

  •  MC Woman. Billie Iveson
  •                                                            Billie wears Paris Georgia Harry Boyfriend Shirt, Jacquemus
  •                                                            Jao Straight Leg Pant and Ellery Alphabet Charm Earring

Photography: Claudia Smith