• Streets of Faro

    Streets of Faro Old Town

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    Algarve, Portugal

    • The atmosphere in the southernmost region of Portugal is eclectic. The landscape is a contrast of neoclassical architecture against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. The region is split into three sections; West, Central and East with no shortage of colourful streets, hidden caves and beaches. Each district exudes old charm and vibrancy that is contagious, making the Algarve a place you can enjoy through sunrise to sunset.

    • STAY

      — Casa Mae, Lagos

      Serene with its own vegetable garden and only a walk away from the best Western beaches. Decorated in Portuguese craftsmanship, Casa Mae offers 3 different accommodation types, each focusing on a different element to best suit your needs. With frequent events like outdoor cinema, mediation and art classes, Casa Mae captures the vibrancy of Lagos all within the gates.

      — Casa Modesta, Olhão

      Escape to the rural villa to rejuvenate your mind and body. Overlooking Ria Formosa Natural Park, watch exotic birds migrate to the park daily from your room. With appreciation for their natural resources, Modesta offers activities such as traditional boating, bread making, drying fruits, salt harvesting and star gazing, to create a memorable well-being experience.

      — Casa Arte, Lagos

      A private villa fit for up to twelve people, the white sandstone building hides between the lucious greenery. Exuding classic Portugese glamour, at Casa Arte you'll feel like a star of an old film. Admire the thoughtfully designed bedrooms that are individual in style and unwind in your private outdoor pool.

  • Casa Mae

    Room at Casa Mae

Casa Arte

Exterior of Casa Arte

  • Boneca Bar

    Boneca Bar in between the rocks

    • EAT

      — Boneca Bar, Carvoeiro

      After spending the day on Carvoeiro Beach, take a short walk down the end towards Algar Seco. Here, in between the blow holes and rocky formation is a hidden outdoor bar, with a small menu and a cosy atmosphere. A must-visit spot to witness a unique sunset.

      — Gourmet Natural, Ferrarias

      Stepping into the former Ermitage, you're immediately met with an air of elegance and high quality service. Decorated in traditional South American motifs, Gourmet Natural is neither too quiet nor outspoken. Try a meaty dish as their primary focus is on the naturally sourced Uruguayan beef, which is lower in fat with high levels of omega 3 and vitamin E.

      — Tasca Do Ricky, Faro

      Enjoying the flavours of authentic Algarve cuisine in a relaxed environment is what makes Ricky's special. A truly local food experience with an honest price that leaves all your senses satisfied. Located in the Algarve's capital Faro district, you can walk down the streets to admire the neoclassical and gothic architecture.

    • VISIT

      — Ponta da Piedade

      One of the main attractions of the Algarve, the steps are a challenging yet scenic climb of the rocky landscape. Once, you're past the steps and looking down, you'll see the lead to Praia de Camilo - a great spot for snorkelling. At dinnertime, head over to the popular O Camilo for fresh seafood dishes.

      — Porches Pottery

      Founded by the last two remaining potters of Lagoa, visit for an alternative cultural experience where you can participate in ceramics classes or simply admire the beautiful tiles and pottery. First introduced by the Moorish centuries ago when the Algarve was a key trading route, it has since been a part of local Portuguese history.

      — Algar de Benagil

      Just off Praia de Benagil in a small village town near Lagoa, rests a mesmerising cave. Reachable only via boat or kayak, the spot is no local secret with many visitors making it their priority to witness the isolated cave for themselves but once you're there, you'll understand why the beautiful sight is on everyone's must-visit list.

  • Porches Pottery

    Ceramics at Porches Pottery

  • Algarve Packing List


      Expect consistent weather throughout the year in Portugal’s southern region. With the weather rarely getting too hot or cold, it adds to a long list of what makes the Algarve a favourite destination. Pack Toteme’s boxy, sophisticated blouse for airflow when dining at the vibrant bars and restaurants styled with Toteme Jeans to brighten up your look. Layer your printed Matteau Swimsuit underneath so you’re ready to jump straight into the beaches that stretch from the East to West coast. Travel light with your essentials in the Building Block Pouch paired with Martiniano Sandals for a casual yet smart alternative. During the long day, hide under your Communite Hat and finally, when the sun goes down mist your hair with Botaniq's Sea Salt Spray for a round-the-clock natural beachy wave.