• Established

  • Origin

    New York
  • Founder

    Amy Smilovic
  • Designer

    Amy Smilovic & Octavia Hyland

Founder Amy Smilovic began developing fabrics with a small team of artisans whilst living in Hong Kong to create a small collection of women's contemporary dresses. Adapting to the changes in the fashion industries landscape, Smilovic narrowed her brand's focus and refined it's aesthetic to what it is today - a true reflection of her distinct personal style and pieces women can always turn to. Tibi now produces a tightly conceptual collection of precise and oversized tailoring, asymmetric skirts and dresses in vibrant and neutral palettes that provide the building blocks for the modern woman's wardrobe.

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  1. Anson Stretch Tailored Legging
  2. Belted Wool Blazer
    Tibi Belted Wool Blazer
    $990.00 AUD
  3. Strapless Soft Drape Dress
    Tibi Strapless Soft Drape Dress
    $1,760.00 AUD
  4. Crepe de Chine Blouse with Tie
  5. Anson Beatle Menswear Trouser
  6. Denim Tuxedo Shirt
    Tibi Denim Tuxedo Shirt
    $680.00 AUD
  7. Sebastian High-Rise Suit Pant
  8. Tech Poplin Shirt
    Tibi Tech Poplin Shirt
    $560.00 AUD
  9. Anson Trouser Skirt
    Tibi Anson Trouser Skirt
    $560.00 AUD
  10. Pinstripe Suit Blazer
    Tibi Pinstripe Suit Blazer
    $1,200.00 AUD
  11. Pinstripe Pull-On Suit Pant
  12. Tailored Bike Short
    Tibi Tailored Bike Short
    $360.00 AUD
  13. Tuxedo Peaked Lapel Blazer
    Tibi Tuxedo Peaked Lapel Blazer
    $1,282.00 AUD
  14. Airy Alpaca Sweater - Mauve
  15. Airy Alpaca Sweater - Blue
  16. Bryan Shearling Flip Flop
  17. Gavin Satin Heel
    Tibi Gavin Satin Heel
    $600.00 AUD
  18. Chalky Drape Tie Pleat Top
    Tibi Chalky Drape Tie Pleat Top
    Was $660.00 AUD Now $396.00 AUD
  19. Spring Tie Neck Top
    Tibi Spring Tie Neck Top
    Was $610.01 AUD Now $427.00 AUD
  20. Twill V-Neck Blouse
    Tibi Twill V-Neck Blouse
    Was $520.00 AUD Now $364.00 AUD
  21. Scott Glove Sandal
    Tibi Scott Glove Sandal
    Was $730.00 AUD Now $438.00 AUD
  22. Jamie Twill Suit Pant
    Tibi Jamie Twill Suit Pant
    Was $660.00 AUD Now $332.00 AUD
  23. Twill Suiting Blazer
    Tibi Twill Suiting Blazer
    Was $1,280.00 AUD Now $768.00 AUD
  24. Tropical Oversized Vest
    Tibi Tropical Oversized Vest
    Was $880.00 AUD Now $615.00 AUD
  25. Anson Stretch Flounce Skirt
    Tibi Anson Stretch Flounce Skirt
    Was $660.00 AUD Now $396.00 AUD
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25 Items

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