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Matin is a Sydney-based label whose pieces capture a laidback sense of romance. Named from the French word for ‘morning’, Matin’s aesthetic is soft, fresh, and grounded. Influenced by 70s French style, key pieces feature classic cuts in natural fabrications such as cotton and linen.

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  1. Full-Length Pleat Dress
    Matin Full-Length Pleat Dress
    $580.00 AUD
  2. Lace Trim Este Top
    Matin Lace Trim Este Top
    $420.00 AUD
  3. Embroidered Mini Dress
    Matin Embroidered Mini Dress
    $520.00 AUD
  4. Wrap Top with Tie
    Matin Wrap Top with Tie
    $320.00 AUD
  5. Este Maxi Dress
    Matin Este Maxi Dress
    $550.00 AUD
  6. Este Mini Dress
    Matin Este Mini Dress
    $490.00 AUD
  7. Italian Fine-Knit Tank
    Matin Italian Fine-Knit Tank
    $220.00 AUD
  8. Summer Short
    Matin Summer Short
    $260.00 AUD
  9. Short Sleeve Shirt
    Matin Short Sleeve Shirt
    $290.00 AUD
  10. Tailored Linen Short
    Matin Tailored Linen Short
    $340.00 AUD
  11. Linen Slouch Jacket
    Matin Linen Slouch Jacket
    $570.00 AUD
  12. Deia Dress - White
    Matin Deia Dress - White
    Was $540.00 AUD Now $378.00 AUD
  13. Cortona Cotton Top
    Matin Cortona Cotton Top
    Was $315.00 AUD Now $220.50 AUD
  14. Sant Elm Blazer
    Matin Sant Elm Blazer
    Was $690.00 AUD Now $483.00 AUD
  15. Pocket Cotton Shirt
    Matin Pocket Cotton Shirt
    Was $325.00 AUD Now $227.50 AUD
  16. Deia Dress - Black
    Matin Deia Dress - Black
    $540.00 AUD
  17. V-Neck Gathered Dress
    Matin V-Neck Gathered Dress
    Was $520.00 AUD Now $364.00 AUD
  18. Palma Silk Bike Short
    Matin Palma Silk Bike Short
    Was $480.00 AUD Now $336.00 AUD
  19. Gathered Yoke Blouse
    Matin Gathered Yoke Blouse
    Was $440.00 AUD Now $264.00 AUD
  20. Linen Pleat Pant
    Matin Linen Pleat Pant
    Was $460.00 AUD Now $276.00 AUD
  21. Square Neck Silk Cami
    Matin Square Neck Silk Cami
    Was $260.00 AUD Now $182.00 AUD
  22. Silk All In One
    Matin Silk All In One
    Was $590.00 AUD Now $295.00 AUD
  23. Pinstripe Suit Pant
    Matin Pinstripe Suit Pant
    Was $375.00 AUD Now $225.01 AUD
  24. Square Neck Linen Cami - White
  25. Lace Up Linen Short
    Matin Lace Up Linen Short
    $220.00 AUD
  26. Square Neck Linen Cami - Black
    Matin Square Neck Linen Cami - Black
    Was $170.01 AUD Now $119.00 AUD
  27. Classic Shirt With Neck Tie
    Matin Classic Shirt With Neck Tie
    Was $389.00 AUD Now $116.70 AUD
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27 Items

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