• Established

  • Origin

    New York
  • Founder

    Elin Kling and Karl Lindman
  • Designer

    Elin Kling and Karl Lindman

Totême is a luxurious womenswear line made in collaboration between Swedish couple Elin Kling and Karl Lindman. Conceived from a longing for sophisticated leisurewear that exudes ease above all else, offering a tightly edited selection of pieces that build upon each other to create a most versatile and timeless wardrobe. Totême redefines everyday classics for the discerning modern woman.

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  1. Loreo Suit Blazer - Blue
    Totême Loreo Suit Blazer - Blue
    $695.00 AUD
  2. Montese Wool Cashmere Knit
    Out of stock
    Totême Montese Wool Cashmere Knit
    $695.00 AUD
  3. Pisa Oversized Tench
    Totême Pisa Oversized Tench
    $870.00 AUD
  4. Safara Smock Midi Skirt
    Totême Safara Smock Midi Skirt
    $415.00 AUD
  5. Standard Jean - Grey Wash
    Totême Standard Jean - Grey Wash
    $270.00 AUD
  6. Original Jean - Dark Blue
    Totême Original Jean - Dark Blue
    $320.00 AUD
  7. Espera Organic Cotton Tee - Black
  8. Novara Tailored Trouser
    Totême Novara Tailored Trouser
    $300.00 AUD
  9. Marrakech Silk Scarf
    Totême Marrakech Silk Scarf
    $258.01 AUD
  10. Original Jean - Washed Blue
    Totême Original Jean - Washed Blue
    $275.00 AUD
  11. Capri Cotton Shirt - White
    Totême Capri Cotton Shirt - White
    $315.00 AUD
  12. Troia Suit Trouser - Blue
    Totême Troia Suit Trouser - Blue
    $380.00 AUD
  13. Capri Check Shirt
    Totême Capri Check Shirt
    $340.00 AUD
  14. Espera Organic Cotton Tee - Off White
  15. Loreo Oversized Suit Blazer
    Out of stock
    Totême Loreo Oversized Suit Blazer
    $695.00 AUD
  16. Flair Denim Jean
    Totême Flair Denim Jean
    $325.00 AUD
  17. San Remo Monogram Silk Scarf - Dark Brown
  18. Troia Suit Trouser
    Totême Troia Suit Trouser
    $380.00 AUD
  19. Priola Stripe Cotton Shirt
    Totême Priola Stripe Cotton Shirt
    $335.01 AUD
  20. Espera Organic Cotton Tee - Light Camel
  21. Capri Cotton Shirt - Chamomile
  22. Malta Split Cuff Trouser
    Totême Malta Split Cuff Trouser
    $350.00 AUD
  23. Pompei Organic High Neck Top
    Totême Pompei Organic High Neck Top
    $190.00 AUD
  24. Arona Oversized Blouse
    Totême Arona Oversized Blouse
    Was $540.00 AUD Now $378.00 AUD
  25. Stockholm Cashmere Tee
    Totême Stockholm Cashmere Tee
    $130.00 AUD
  26. Avila Blouse
    Totême Avila Blouse
    Was $320.00 AUD Now $224.00 AUD
  27. Original Denim - Grey Wash
    Totême Original Denim - Grey Wash
    $250.00 AUD
  28. Lesina Organic Long Sleeve Tee
  29. Cruz Slim Trouser
    Totême Cruz Slim Trouser
    Was $320.00 AUD Now $192.01 AUD
  30. Renazzo Braided Wool Jumper
    Out of stock
    Totême Renazzo Braided Wool Jumper
    Was $480.00 AUD Now $240.00 AUD
  31. Lasavina Light Wool Trouser - Grey
    Totême Lasavina Light Wool Trouser - Grey
    Was $290.00 AUD Now $145.00 AUD
  32. Monterey Light Wool Blazer
    Totême Monterey Light Wool Blazer
    Was $465.00 AUD Now $232.50 AUD
  33. Original Jean - Light Blue
    Totême Original Jean - Light Blue
    $266.00 AUD
  34. Bissau Raw Denim Jacket
    Totême Bissau Raw Denim Jacket
    Was $440.00 AUD Now $220.00 AUD
  35. Azzuro Faux Fur Top
    Totême Azzuro Faux Fur Top
    Was $355.00 AUD Now $177.50 AUD
  36. Sedona Cotton Shirt
    Totême Sedona Cotton Shirt
    Was $295.00 AUD Now $147.50 AUD
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Items 1-36 of 67

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