• Established

  • Origin

    Sydney, Australia
  • Founder

    Nikki Campbell & Sophie Coote
  • Designer

    Nikki Campbell & Sophie Coote

What began for SIR as a limited range of essentials in linen has now elevated to a full offering of women's wear intended as minimal & simplistic essentials. Drawing inspiration from musings past & present, collections are built upon brand classics offering seasonal changes through new fabrication & design. The result is an offering of classic separates juxtaposed against detailed feminine silhouettes that reflects the now but are forever wearable.

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  1. Maxine Knitted Bike Short
  2. Celle Reversible Cutout Knit Dress
  3. Celle Cutout Dress
    SIR Celle Cutout Dress
    $380.00 AUD
  4. Madelyn Reversible Dress
  5. Martine Cutout Dress
    SIR Martine Cutout Dress
    $380.00 AUD
  6. Blanche Maxi Skirt
    SIR Blanche Maxi Skirt
    $280.01 AUD
  7. Hendry Classic Bikini Brief
  8. Hendry Panelled Bandeau Bikini Top
  9. Hendry Asymmetric Racer One-Piece Swimsuit
  10. Hendry Classic High Bikini Brief
  11. Hendry Balconette Bikini Top
  12. Jacque Structured Top
    SIR Jacque Structured Top
    $280.01 AUD
  13. Alina Maxi Skirt
    SIR Alina Maxi Skirt
    $280.01 AUD
  14. Alina Tunic Top
    SIR Alina Tunic Top
    $260.00 AUD
  15. Jacque Single-Breasted Blazer
  16. Maurice Floppy Brim Hat
  17. Fringed Beach Towel
    SIR Fringed Beach Towel
    $150.00 AUD
  18. Caprice Panelled Maxi Dress
    SIR Caprice Panelled Maxi Dress
    Was $340.00 AUD Now $204.00 AUD
  19. Lila Linen Tie Top
    SIR Lila Linen Tie Top
    Was $150.00 AUD Now $90.00 AUD
  20. Caprice Cami
    SIR Caprice Cami
    Was $180.00 AUD Now $108.00 AUD
  21. Valetta Silk Open-Back Dress
    SIR Valetta Silk Open-Back Dress
    Was $600.00 AUD Now $420.00 AUD
  22. Lucia Panelled Bandeau
    SIR Lucia Panelled Bandeau
    Was $120.00 AUD Now $84.00 AUD
  23. Valetta Silk Maxi Skirt
    SIR Valetta Silk Maxi Skirt
    Was $380.00 AUD Now $266.00 AUD
  24. Ingrid Knit Cutout Bodysuit
    SIR Ingrid Knit Cutout Bodysuit
    Was $220.00 AUD Now $154.00 AUD
  25. Alena Cropped Linen Top
    SIR Alena Cropped Linen Top
    Was $280.01 AUD Now $112.00 AUD
  26. Indre Long Sleeve Dress
    SIR Indre Long Sleeve Dress
    Was $420.00 AUD Now $294.00 AUD
  27. Isabella Silk Slip Dress
    SIR Isabella Silk Slip Dress
    Was $380.00 AUD Now $190.00 AUD
  28. Astrid Knit Tank
    SIR Astrid Knit Tank
    Was $290.00 AUD Now $145.00 AUD
  29. Millie Silk Crop Top
    SIR Millie Silk Crop Top
    Was $240.00 AUD Now $144.00 AUD
  30. Indre Silk Midi Dress
    SIR Indre Silk Midi Dress
    Was $380.00 AUD Now $266.00 AUD
  31. Delilah Crop Top
    SIR Delilah Crop Top
    Was $250.00 AUD Now $125.00 AUD
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31 Items

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