Rika Studios

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  • Founder

    Ulrika Lundgren
  • Designer

    Ulrika Lundgren

Ulrika Lundgren articulates practical everyday wear through luxurious textiles and timeless cuts. Designed with the modern woman in mind, her label Rika Studios focuses on thoughtfully cultivated classics, from shirting, jackets, tees, and pants cut generously with an oversized relaxed ease to work seamlessly back with feminine tailoring. Each piece is designed to age beautifully and build on throughout the seasons.

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  1. Warhol Cotton Twill Pant
    Rika Studios Warhol Cotton Twill Pant
    $550.00 AUD
  2. Nico Gathered Top
    Rika Studios Nico Gathered Top
    $520.00 AUD
  3. Blaze Oversized Organic Cotton Shirt - White
  4. Tatum Gathered Shirt
    Rika Studios Tatum Gathered Shirt
    $470.00 AUD
  5. Blaze Oversized Shirt - Lavender
    Rika Studios Blaze Oversized Shirt - Lavender
    $440.00 AUD
  6. Grace Long Sleeve Tee Dress
    Rika Studios Grace Long Sleeve Tee Dress
    $410.00 AUD
  7. Ray Tailored Midi Skirt
    Rika Studios Ray Tailored Midi Skirt
    $660.00 AUD
  8. Blake Shirt - White
    Rika Studios Blake Shirt - White
    $305.00 AUD
  9. Cady Embroidered Long Sleeve T.Shirt
  10. Blake Shirt - Khaki
    Rika Studios Blake Shirt - Khaki
    $305.00 AUD
  11. Padded Shoulder Eye Tee
    Rika Studios Padded Shoulder Eye Tee
    Was $230.00 AUD Now $161.00 AUD
  12. Diane Loose Pant
    Rika Studios Diane Loose Pant
    $690.00 AUD
  13. Rosa Midi Dress
    Rika Studios Rosa Midi Dress
    Was $560.00 AUD Now $392.00 AUD
  14. Jacket Pencil Skirt
    Rika Studios Jacket Pencil Skirt
    Was $620.00 AUD Now $434.01 AUD
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14 Items

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