• Established

  • Origin

    Sydney, Australia
  • Founder

    Laura May
  • Designer

    Laura May and Hannah Gibbs

NAGNATA is a premium fashion and lifestyle brand founded on sustainable business practices. Founder Laura May envisioned a conscious alternative to fast fashion by integrating artistry and modernity with thoughtful negotiations between sustainable manufacturing and directional design. NAGNATA's collection of technical-knitwear is made from certified organic cotton, in collaboration with fair trade artisan initiatives, signifying the brand's commitment to spread cultural awareness and cultivate livelihood opportunities for communities in need.

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  1. Organic Suki Biker Short - Black / Charcoal
  2. Laya Knit Legging - Navy / Black
  3. Organic Colour Block Bralet - Burgundy / Blush / Black
  4. Organic Cotton Rib Sweater - Black
  5. Organic Suki Biker Short
    Nagnata Organic Suki Biker Short
    $195.00 AUD
  6.  Laya Knit Legging
    Nagnata Laya Knit Legging
    $210.00 AUD
  7. Organic Colour Block Tank
    Nagnata Organic Colour Block Tank
    $220.00 AUD
  8. Organic T-Bar Crop Top
    Nagnata Organic T-Bar Crop Top
    $185.00 AUD
  9. Organic Hi-Rise Jacquard Short - Black
  10. Organic Hi-Rise Yoni Short
    Nagnata Organic Hi-Rise Yoni Short
    $170.01 AUD
  11. Organic Colour Block Bralet - Black / Cream
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11 Items

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