• Established

  • Origin

    Sydney and New York
  • Founder

    Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen
  • Designer

    Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen

Matteau was conceived as an uncomplicated swimwear range reflecting sisters Ilona and Peta’s desire to create a refined, minimal aesthetic for swim. This mantra has now evolved to include considered and timeless wardrobe heroes - dresses, jeans, tailoring, and shirting – designed to transcend, using materials from regenerative, organic, and recycled sources. The Matteau silhouette is undeniably recognisable with a definitive classic style and clearly identifiable aesthetic.

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  1. Relaxed Organic Cotton Shirt - Carob
  2. Drawcord Cotton Silk Tunic - Hydra
  3. Printed Silk Sarong
    Matteau Printed Silk Sarong
    $320.00 AUD
  4. Printed Silk Short Sleeve Shirt
  5. Relaxed Organic Cotton Shirt - Violet
  6. Cortez Silk Shirt
    Matteau Cortez Silk Shirt
    $500.01 AUD
  7. x A.Emery Rhodes Suede Sandal
  8. Shirred Lace-Up Dress
    Matteau Shirred Lace-Up Dress
    $580.00 AUD
  9. Shirred Bodice Camisole
    Matteau Shirred Bodice Camisole
    $340.00 AUD
  10. Shirred Plunge Dress
    Matteau Shirred Plunge Dress
    $550.00 AUD
  11. Relaxed Tailored Trouser
    Matteau Relaxed Tailored Trouser
    $460.00 AUD
  12. Nineties Maillot
    Matteau Nineties Maillot
    $320.00 AUD
  13. String Triangle Bikini Top - Carob
  14. High Waist Bikini Brief - Carob
  15. Nineties Classic Bikini Brief - Hydra
  16. Nineties Crop Bikini Top - Hydra
  17. Drawcord Cotton-Silk Tunic
    Matteau Drawcord Cotton-Silk Tunic
    $450.00 AUD
  18. Linen Bias Column Dress
    Matteau Linen Bias Column Dress
    $600.00 AUD
  19. Broderie Short Sleeve Shirt
    Matteau Broderie Short Sleeve Shirt
    $580.00 AUD
  20. Voluminous V-Neck Dress
    Matteau Voluminous V-Neck Dress
    $700.00 AUD
  21. Nineties Bikini Crop Top - Cinnamon
  22. High Waist Bikini Brief - Cinnamon
  23. Drawcord Organic Cotton Midi Dress
  24. Relaxed Organic Cotton Shirt - Cinnamon
  25. Summer Chino - Black
    Matteau Summer Chino - Black
    $520.00 AUD
  26. Classic Nineties Tank - Ecru
    Matteau Classic Nineties Tank - Ecru
    $180.00 AUD
  27. Voluminous Cropped Blouse - Pecan
  28. Channel Silk-Blend Split Dress
  29. Summer Chino - Sand
    Matteau Summer Chino - Sand
    $520.00 AUD
  30. Classic Nineties Tank - Black
  31. Long Sleeve Silk Shirt
    Matteau Long Sleeve Silk Shirt
    $440.00 AUD
  32. High Waist Bikini Brief - Black
  33. Nineties Bikini Crop Top - Black
  34. Nineties High Bikini Brief - Lapis
  35. Petite Triangle Bikini Top - Lapis
  36. High Waist Bikini Brief - Lapis
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Items 1-36 of 74

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