• Established

  • Origin

  • Founder

    Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Soderberg
  • Designer

    Frida Bard

Since taking over the helm at HOPE in 2016, Head of Design Frida Bard has introduced new silhouettes and shapes into the HOPE DNA while continuing to build on the very foundation of it’s design; tailoring and utility wear. From earlier this year, the brand announced their gender-fluid sizing, marking all clothes with both men’s and women’s sizes making it easier to shop across gender conventions. HOPE’s vision is consistent and recognizable, combining masculine tailoring with high-quality fabrics and a simplicity of design and colour palette.

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  1. Coast Stripe Shirt
    Hope Coast Stripe Shirt
    $330.00 AUD
  2. Everyday Cotton Unisex Tee - White
  3. Clan Wool Twill Coat
    Hope Clan Wool Twill Coat
    $900.00 AUD
  4. Final Long Sleeve Unisex Tee
  5. Set Unisex Cotton Tee
    Hope Set Unisex Cotton Tee
    $115.01 AUD
  6. Sway Split Trouser
    Hope Sway Split Trouser
    $330.00 AUD
  7. Smart Long Sleeve Turtleneck
  8. Bold Wool Unisex Sweater
  9. Rio Wool Cashmere Sweater
  10. Shape Ribbed Sweater
    Hope Shape Ribbed Sweater
    $330.00 AUD
  11. Thunder Hooded Parka
    Hope Thunder Hooded Parka
    $900.00 AUD
  12. Brave Stripe Shirt
    Hope Brave Stripe Shirt
    $330.00 AUD
  13. Everyday Cotton Unisex Tee - Black
  14. Triumph Leather Ankle Boot
  15. Zack Bag - Black
    Hope Zack Bag - Black
    $100.00 AUD
  16. Far Wide-Leg Trouser - Off White
  17. Flirt Cotton Linen Skirt
  18. Paisley Still Shirt
    Hope Paisley Still Shirt
    Was $445.01 AUD Now $311.50 AUD
  19. Split Wrap Dress
    Hope Split Wrap Dress
    Was $345.00 AUD Now $224.25 AUD
  20. Forever Blazer
    Hope Forever Blazer
    $530.00 AUD
  21. Far Wide-Leg Trouser - Black
    Hope Far Wide-Leg Trouser - Black
    Was $345.00 AUD Now $224.25 AUD
  22. Tender Cotton Shirt
    Hope Tender Cotton Shirt
    $225.01 AUD
  23. Wool Big Scarf
    Hope Wool Big Scarf
    $205.00 AUD
  24. Amor Wrap Coat
    Hope Amor Wrap Coat
    $825.00 AUD
  25. Bon Relaxed Trouser
    Hope Bon Relaxed Trouser
    $260.00 AUD
  26. Real Cotton Shirt
    Hope Real Cotton Shirt
    $205.00 AUD
  27. Chief Silk Scarf
    Hope Chief Silk Scarf
    $135.00 AUD
  28. Babe Leather Platform Sandal
  29. Orchard Leather Shopper Bag
    Hope Orchard Leather Shopper Bag
    Was $460.00 AUD Now $322.00 AUD
  30. Zeal Check Shirt
    Hope Zeal Check Shirt
    Was $329.00 AUD Now $263.20 AUD
  31. Soma Oversized Hooded Shirt
    Hope Soma Oversized Hooded Shirt
    Was $525.00 AUD Now $367.50 AUD
  32. Dash Linen Tee
    Hope Dash Linen Tee
    $160.00 AUD
  33. Grand Oversized Sweater
    Hope Grand Oversized Sweater
    $390.01 AUD
  34. Usual Cotton Sweater
    Hope Usual Cotton Sweater
    Was $210.00 AUD Now $147.00 AUD
  35. Hanoi Wrap Skirt
    Hope Hanoi Wrap Skirt
    Was $275.00 AUD Now $192.50 AUD
  36. Jersey One Tee - Grey Melange
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Items 1-36 of 76

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