Georgia Alice

  • Established

  • Origin

    New Zealand
  • Founder

    Georgia Currie
  • Designer

    Georgia Currie

Georgia Alice was established by designer Georgia Currie as a collection of core pieces for a strong, modern wardrobe. A New Zealand-based label established in 2012, Georgia Alice enlivens the everyday through carefully chosen fabrics, innovative cuts, and a discernible sense of independence and ease. Delivering elegance alongside simplicity, each piece by Georgia Alice is pared back to its most essential form and elevated through subtle yet considered points of difference.

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  1. Debutante Lace Midi Dress
    Georgia Alice Debutante Lace Midi Dress
    Was $850.00 AUD Now $595.00 AUD
  2.  Puff Sleeve Cloud Shirt
    Georgia Alice Puff Sleeve Cloud Shirt
    Was $550.00 AUD Now $385.00 AUD
  3. Memory Suit Pant
    Georgia Alice Memory Suit Pant
    Was $499.00 AUD Now $349.31 AUD
  4. Desert Cotton Shirt Dress
    Georgia Alice Desert Cotton Shirt Dress
    Was $590.00 AUD Now $295.00 AUD
  5. Neon Pintuck Pant
    Georgia Alice Neon Pintuck Pant
    Was $495.00 AUD Now $247.50 AUD
  6. Girlsss Off-The-Shoulder Ruched Top
    Georgia Alice Girlsss Off-The-Shoulder Ruched Top
    Was $540.00 AUD Now $270.01 AUD
  7. Tweed Tarot Puff Skirt
    Georgia Alice Tweed Tarot Puff Skirt
    Was $550.00 AUD Now $220.00 AUD
  8. White Light Cotton Cami
    Georgia Alice White Light Cotton Cami
    Was $529.00 AUD Now $211.60 AUD
  9. Beaches Short
    Georgia Alice Beaches Short
    Was $490.00 AUD Now $196.00 AUD
  10. Beyond Ruched Tank
    Georgia Alice Beyond Ruched Tank
    Was $405.00 AUD Now $162.00 AUD
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10 Items

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