• Established

  • Origin

    Sydney, Australia
  • Founder

    Richard Jarman
  • Designer

    Richard Jarman

COMMAS is designed as a complete resort wardrobe made to transcend the water and enter the everyday. Clean and classic silhouettes are paired with the finest linens and textured fabrics, creating a modern, masculine sensibility. Each collection’s cornerstone includes recycled polyamide tie-front swim shorts, lightweight camp collar shirting, loose linen lounge pants, and the much-coveted Italian linen robes. COMMAS represents a purposeful pause, a reminder to catch your breath, to recalibrate, and take pleasure in the moment.

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  1. Tie Up Sailing Shirt
    COMMAS Tie Up Sailing Shirt
    Was $470.00 AUD Now $329.00 AUD
  2. Classic Linen Robe - Natural
  3. Woven Organic Cotton Tank Dress
  4. Wide-Leg Linen Pant - Natural
  5. Woven Cotton Tank
    COMMAS Woven Cotton Tank
    $355.00 AUD
  6. Ottoman Lounge Pant
    COMMAS Ottoman Lounge Pant
    $490.00 AUD
  7. Ottoman Wrap Robe
    COMMAS Ottoman Wrap Robe
    $520.00 AUD
  8. Painted Silk Dress
    COMMAS Painted Silk Dress
    $880.00 AUD
  9. Silk Cotton Towel Stripe Shirt
  10. Ottoman Harem Pant
    COMMAS Ottoman Harem Pant
    Was $555.01 AUD Now $333.00 AUD
  11. Camp Collar Silk Cotton Shirt
  12. Oversized Linen Shirt - Black
  13. Classic Linen Robe - Black
    COMMAS Classic Linen Robe - Black
    $530.00 AUD
  14. Classic Linen Shirt
    COMMAS Classic Linen Shirt
    $370.00 AUD
  15. Resort Shirt - White
    COMMAS Resort Shirt - White
    $455.00 AUD
  16. Paisley Jacquard Linen Shirt
    COMMAS Paisley Jacquard Linen Shirt
    Was $540.00 AUD Now $324.01 AUD
  17. Resort Shirt - Black
    COMMAS Resort Shirt - Black
    $455.00 AUD
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17 Items

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