• Established

  • Origin

    Sydney, Australia
  • Founder

    Deborah Sams & Mary Lou Ryan
  • Designer

    Deborah Sams & Mary Lou Ryan

Founders, designers Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan launched Bassike in 2006 with a certified organic collection of wardrobe staples. Today, at the forefront of Australian fashion, Bassike have distilled its desire for high end design and construction into seasonal mainline collections and premium leather goods whilst maintaining a commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact.

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  1. Wide Heritage Short Sleeve Dress  - Dark Blue
  2. Belted Linen Short - Black
    Bassike Belted Linen Short - Black
    $320.00 AUD
  3. Double Jersey Batwing Dress
    Bassike Double Jersey Batwing Dress
    $295.00 AUD
  4. Minimal Utility Chino
    Bassike Minimal Utility Chino
    $340.00 AUD
  5. V-Neck Jersey Camisole - Army
  6. V-Neck Jersey Slip Dress - Black
  7. Jersey Linen Tie Back Tank - Black
  8. Slim Fit Classic T-Shirt - White
  9. Twill Flared Short
    Bassike Twill Flared Short
    $180.00 AUD
  10. Crepe Tailored Midi Skirt
    Bassike Crepe Tailored Midi Skirt
    $595.00 AUD
  11. Belted Linen Short - Tan
    Bassike Belted Linen Short - Tan
    $320.00 AUD
  12. Asymmetric Contrast T-Shirt - White
  13. Straight Leg Linen Pant
    Bassike Straight Leg Linen Pant
    $395.00 AUD
  14. Raw Textured Bucket Hat
    Bassike Raw Textured Bucket Hat
    $220.00 AUD
  15. Shrunken Bucket Hat
    Bassike Shrunken Bucket Hat
    $180.00 AUD
  16. Waffle Jersey Athletic Tank - Black
  17. Cotton Pleat Tailored Pant
    Bassike Cotton Pleat Tailored Pant
    $650.00 AUD
  18. High Waisted Utility Short
    Bassike High Waisted Utility Short
    $295.00 AUD
  19. Cropped Hooded Anorak
    Bassike Cropped Hooded Anorak
    $350.00 AUD
  20. Twill Utility Pant
    Bassike Twill Utility Pant
    $340.00 AUD
  21. Slim Fit Classic T-Shirt - Army
  22. Button Detail Chino
    Bassike Button Detail Chino
    $360.00 AUD
  23. Athletic Ribbed Bike Short
    Bassike Athletic Ribbed Bike Short
    $260.00 AUD
  24. Athletic Rib Tank - Army
    Bassike Athletic Rib Tank - Army
    $150.00 AUD
  25. Double Jersey Boxy T-Shirt
    Bassike Double Jersey Boxy T-Shirt
    $160.00 AUD
  26. Stripe Cotton Side Split Shirt
  27. Man Style Button-Up Shirt
    Bassike Man Style Button-Up Shirt
    $395.00 AUD
  28. Athletic Rib Tank - White
    Bassike Athletic Rib Tank - White
    $150.00 AUD
  29. Slouch Athletic Tank - White
  30. Raised Neck Slim Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black
  31. Drill Bucket Hat - Tan
    Bassike Drill Bucket Hat - Tan
    $180.00 AUD
  32. Oversized Cashmere Knit
    Bassike Oversized Cashmere Knit
    Was $695.00 AUD Now $486.50 AUD
  33. Double Jersey Long Rise Pant - Dark Navy
  34. Wide Heritage French Seam Long Sleeve Tee - Dark Navy
  35. Reverse Fleece Tubular Skirt
    Bassike Reverse Fleece Tubular Skirt
    Was $395.00 AUD Now $240.00 AUD
  36. Rib Neck Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Canvas
    Bassike Rib Neck Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Canvas
    Was $150.00 AUD Now $105.00 AUD
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Items 1-36 of 78

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